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Always Evolving... Updated 20 July 2014

Site Selection Page:

From the menu on the left, you may select from websites that have been created by Ray Hayden for a variety of purposes.

Below is a description of the web sites that you will have the opportunity to browse. Please make your selection using the menu to the left.

The websites are set to open up in this window rather than a new one. To return to this menu, simply type "rayhayden.us" into your browser "URL window", or set this page as one of your favorite places.

Feel free to stop by often and watch our evolution!


VDO1 is Ray's litigation support video production and presentation company. This newly updated website will be getting completed soon, but all of the most important aspects are already loaded up online now.

VDO1 provides pre production, production and editing, including voice-over work for alternative dispute resolution situations where agreeable results can be accomplished without the great expense of going into the courthouse.

We have worked on cases in the millions of dollars, and the work that we have completed has assisted in bringing about resolution before trials, saving large sums of money for both sides of various cases!

VDO1 provides fully digital acquisition for depositions, settlement documentaries and other video projects.


The website for the homeowners and residents at Shangri-La at Woodmont. This is a small community in South Florida. The information, while primarily meant for our residents, might be useful for other Home Owners Associations. Feel free to browse the site.

Ray Hayden has completed the requirements for licensure as a Community Association Manager. This step was taken to assist our community in being the very best that it can be. Our Board of Directors works very hard to re-establish our community to more closely resemble it's very name, "Shangri-La".

To paraphrase information from Wikipedia, "The spirit of the people of Shangri-La is immortal. They live in a place of perpetual bliss, sheltered from the everyday world."

There are just forty homes in our Shangri-La. We are located in what Ray Hayden refers to as, "Just about the most perfect place on earth."

But, as Ray says, everyplace should strive to become "Shangri-La". With hard work and the dedication of those who live in any community, they can achieve their own "Shangri-La".


This website discusses "Education, Training and Experience" and information as it relates to Professional Development.

This site is evolving, expanding and changing as it does. It is our goal to set up this site for use by those who seek continual personal growth.

Education never ends, we learn things from our time of birth through our time of death, the period known to the world of psychology as "lifelong human development", "life span human development" or any new or cute catch phrases that the field might conjure up. Many professional fields, doctors, attorneys, community association managers or real estate agents, have "continued education requirements" just to stay in business.

We contend that, in reality, we all have a requirement to continually learn and improve our position in life. It is said that you are either busy being born, or you are busy dying. We adopt the mantra that it is better to be busy being born until we die.

ETE Insights is the website that will continue to evolve and research those theories - and who knows, perhaps put some rather exciting concepts into practical use, tying together all three of our primary edicts, Education, Training and Experience!

Stop on by and enjoy the ride!

Ray's Denture Site

Devoted to the process that Ray Hayden went through in the process of obtaining a full set of dentures, and six mini dental implants in his lower jaw. This site has been of assistance to a great number of people from all around the world, and is a project that Ray does not mind sharing so very publicly.

When Ray was looking into a persistent dental pain, there was not a lot of information readily available, nor easy to find, on the subject. After two years of research into dental issues, and an additional eighteen months of working with an incredible dentist, Ray - and his doctor - agreed that the best course of action was to go with full dentures.

The decision to pull all of your teeth out of your head is not something that you just wake up and stop off at the dentist's office and do. For Ray, it took nearly three and a half years of individual research and professional insight and experience from a dental professional to come to this decision.

Ray, his dentist, and a great number of visitors from around the world agree, the publishing of this very personal decision, was very much worth while!

This site is meant for those who want to have a deeper understanding of the entire process as it happened.

Hayden's Cats

Just a fun little site dedicated to Hayden's wonderful cats. Enjoy.

Additional websites are being worked on and will be available on the menu page as soon as we get them recoded.

Please come back and visit often to see our progress!