Ray Hayden, J.D.

Ray Hayden, J.D.

Ray Hayden's Book

Ray Hayden's Book

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Bella and Linus

Bella and Linus

Welcome to ETE!

ETE's Vision:

ETE went "Live" as an organization at midnight on 1 January 2010!

Rather than a website that talks about Personal and Professional Development issues, ETE has become an organization that seeks relationship among others who actually take personal responsibility for their success. It is their success that will breed a perpetual stream of opportunity for others to follow.

ETE's Primary Goal Is:

Personal and professional development for the betterment of society.
Specifically, it means that we should all seek out greater levels of success.

By example, others can clearly witness proven pathways of success which benefit society. We should be expected to build a solid foundation in a way which is both fiscally and financially viable. This means that we should be able to meet our current financial obligations while we progress without acquiring personal debt.

When enough like minded, success oriented people, start moving along a path that creates opportunities for others, all of society benefits from their efforts.

On the education page, we demonstrate how a hypothetical person might progress through various experiences to achieve higher levels of success. We show, with this hypothetical person, how to do so without acquiring any debt. Our shared experiences have demonstrated that this would be an excellent way in which to do it.

Even though it takes our hypothetical person more time to accomplish their formal education (using the power of distance learning for it's flexibility), in reality they accomplish their goals in a realistic time frame which allows for a lot of growth and opportunity along the way.

We show that a steady, debt free process, wins on a variety of points! There is something to be said for completing a program without acquiring debt!

We also demonstrate how this person is not locked in to trying to "keep up with anyone" in regards to "stuff" that eats away at their income.

Cash is indeed king, and having enough of it in a liquid state, allows a person to operate from a position of strength.

As we move forward and become more successful, the success of others rides on our successes. It is our fiduciary duty to keep their futures in mind as we continue our growth, our success. Risk may be taken from time to time, but never at the cost of harming so many others.

We have the right and responsibility to seek out success. We have the duty to not harm others in our efforts.

We also have the responsibility of leading by example. We must always maintain fiscal stability and financial responsibility.