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Welcome to Hayden's Cats!

UPDATE: 20 July 2014

I had to recode all of the pages on the site, and I evolved it to match my other primary websites with the black, white, and grey color scheme.

The editing that I had to do will make it much easier for me to update and evolve pages in the future.

I have been wanting to update the images for a while, but it had been such a pain to do with the previous code, that it became too much of a chore...

I will try and get some updated images and information online.

Hayden's Cats:

Before you think that we might be those crazy cat people, we are not. While we do love cats, we actually love all animals, the cats that we have came to us in strange ways.

I should explain how this page works. If you click on a picture of a cat (or, eventually, Bunny) below, you will see the full size image. If you use the menu to the left, you go to a page that tells you about the cat in question.

When I first put this page together, I just slapped it together and never really put a lot of effort into trying to make it "make sense."

Since it has grown a bit, and will a little more, I will be working on it. I may add additional photos of the cats (and Bunny) and I might also set them up on this page so that they are in order with the cats names to the left.

To explain the menu, the cats names on the left appear in the order in which they came into our home.

I have to recode these pages. They are currently coded in a format that I used while trying how to better handle various aspects of working the website.

I also need to update Buddy's page with his picture and add a new page of "Bunny."

In short, this beautiful little rabbit showed up in our back yard, and we could not locate anyone who claimed him as their pet.

He uses a litter box and he has his own private room. He has a stair case up to a table in front of a window where he can watch the birds and squirrels that play aroung all day right outside that window.

We also spend time with him every day, playing with him, petting him and just being with him while he bounces around. He climbs up on us and will hop into my wife's lap to be petted. When we pet him, he just relaxes, lies flat and enjoys it. I never thought a rabbit would be such a wonderful pet.

I will be working on this site to update things and make it a bit neater - and fix any formatting issues that I may have missed.

These are pictures of our wonderful cats. Every single cat that we have has been "rescued" from a life in the wild.

Each cat has their story, they are all different and they are all loving. We could not imagine life without these wonderful little beings, all they do is "love".

Why cats? We actually love all animals. If you read the cat's individual pages, which is in the order that we acquired these phenominal felines, you will see that it is more that these cats chose us. As we are not ones to argue with our cats, we accept this truth to be our fate - owned by cats. But, as our friends in Norway say, "It could be a whole lot worse!"

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