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VDO1 Technology:


Our research in the field has led to the current technology that we use in our production package that goes out on shoots.

Currently, we make use of Panasonic and Canon camcorders with Focus Enhancements portable digital recorders. This package allows for rapid mobilization, quicker set up, and faster break down of the equipment while out on jobs.

Our research, and design of presentation packages, is what also led to the setup that we currently use for courtroom presentations. There is no perfect package for presentations.

When our office was directly across from the main county courthouse, we could roll over an A/V cart, fully loaded and wired up - ready to roll. Even whith inclimate weather, we could place a good cover over the equipment and still get to the courthouse on time!

Technology is a double edged sword. Distance from the courthouse doesn't help.

The same A/V cart that could easily be pushed across a street, is a very different animal when it must be placed into a vehicle and driven to the location, and set up.

The cost of technology has come down, thusly, a projection system, which fits into a Honda Civic, can be used to transport a very large image producing package, with some limitiations. By the way, the old system fits in the Honda Civic as well when the television rides in the front seat. The problem is the size of the screen is limited to what can be stuffed in that space!

With the projection technology, images are not as bright, nor as sharp as on a large flat panel screen. Projecting from a laptop computer makes things nice a manageable, with an actual reduction in quality of final picture. This is not a result that we aim for!

The best solution would be to drag a large screen monitor to the courthouse with us, but due to the shear size of these things, and the very strong desire to NOT have to buy an 18 wheeler to tansport it (or even a van!), this is not likely a viable option.

For now, our six foot diagnal screen, a laptop computer and the projector have to suffice.

In reality, it remains true to this day, that it is almost always better to seek out the Alternative Dispute Resolution through litigation, mediation and negotiation than to have to bring everyone into a courtroom.

So, until projectors become incredibly bright for an affordable cost, with amazing contrast, we are kind of trapped into utilizing the current projection system for courtroom presentations. The good news is that the picture is incredibly large, if only it was brighter and sharper, with better contrast!