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VDO1 Fees

Updated: 2 September 2010

2010 - 2011 Fees:

VDO1 had invested in newer, higher end, professional, digital video production and editing equipment, which has allowed us to keep our rates low.

You will not find a company made up of professionals who care more for the quality of service that VDO1 provides anywhere, at any price!

Our fees have not increased in years.

Our Theory:

VDO1 provides personal, quality services to our clients. We consistently analyze our rates to ensure that we do two things:
  1. Provide quality services to our clients at a fair and reasonable price point.

  2. Maintain a profit that allows for continued research and development of techniques, procedures and the ability to continue providing quality, personal service to our clients.

Video Production and Location Presentation Rates:

First Hour = $275.00
Additional Hours = $150.00 per hour or part there of.

Time and 1/2 rate applies beginning at 5:00pm

Double time rate applies for weekends and holidays.

Duplication Charges:

DVD's - our format of choice - $85 per up to two hours on a DVD.

Video Tapes = $105.00 per two hour VHS Tape, VDO1 strongly suggests that you use DVD, as VHS tape is being phased out completely, the cost of duplicating VHS tapes is rising as equipment continues to become more scarce.

Audio tapes = $25.00 per audio tape, up to 120 minute tapes.

DVD duplicate of VHS or Mini-DV digital tapes (conversion) = $85 per 2 hour DVD.

Conversion of DV tape to MPEG1 for use in transcript synchronizing software @ $175 per hour of recorded time.

About "Tape":

Video tape, or tape of any kind, has now gone the way of the dinosaur. VDO1 does not do any work (other than the very rare conversion) with, or on VHS - or any - tape material.

All of our work is completed and distributed on DVD-R, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM (like a CD-ROM, but holds a lot more information - it works just like a CD-ROM).

Cancellation fees:

Within 4 hours of job scheduled start time incur the minimum of the first hour fee.

Ray Hayden, President, VDO1, 8505 Cherry Blossom Lane, Tamarac, FL 33321, (954) 806-3580