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Ray Hayden, J.D.

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Ray Hayden's Book

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Ray's J.D. (Juris Doctor)

The FYLSX - The Status Page:

UPDATED: 7 August 2017 - sorry for the delay.

The Status Page of the California Bar website is where we go to see how we are doing in meeting the requirements of gaining admission to the California Bar.

You go to the Admissions Page, and under the section on the right side, under "Applying to the Bar," click the second option down, "Check the status of an application," I make it a link for you below, but it is a good idea to know how to find it.

Admissions Status Page.

Enter your SSAN, Date of Birth, and File Number. Then, just click the Log In button and check out your status.

The "Register Online" box has various links within it. The bottom one is "Check your Admission status."

Using the Status Page to Check FYLSX Results:

If you have taken the FYLSX, in recent exams, we had been able to see a hint at our results by checking the Status Page the week prior to the official scores being mailed out.

This is not an exact science and is painfully unreliable other than if you see that you passed. I have never had a report of someone seeing that they passed (at any time) and then not passing the FYLSX!

Prior to the June 2013 FYLSX, (specifically for the June and October 2012 FYLSX's), the status pages updated on a rolling basis, and there was no rhyme or reason that anyone could figure out as to how it happened, although there probably was some order in which the staff at the California Bar was doing this, we had no clue. It is unbelievably painfully stressful to get the reports of others passing while you still see no change to your page, more so for a first timer than a repeater - but it still hurts.

For the June 2013 FYLSX, the status pages updated on Sunday morning with reports of people being able to see that they had passed the FYLSX. This condensed the pain and suffering to two days rather than the entire week, but it still hurts.

The OFFICIAL result is what you get in the mail. Let me know if it is different, but - when I failed (FIVE TIMES!!!), every time I got those letters, one of the two sheets of paper in the envelope contained what I refer to as, "The Yellow Sheet of Repeat!"

On the sixth exam, the one I passed, it contained two white sheets of paper.