Ray Hayden, J.D.

Ray Hayden, J.D.

Ray Hayden's Book

Ray Hayden's Book

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Ray's J.D. (Juris Doctor)

The "One Sheet":

What is a One Sheet?:

NOTE: The LINK to the One Sheets / Definition Sheets is on the FYLSX Video Page, and with the third video titled, "Introduction to the One Sheets / Definition Sheets."

A One Sheet can be thought of as a table of contents for the Definition Sheets.

Every word that I have a definition for in my Definition Sheets is listed on a single sheet of paper in a logical order designed to allow me the opportunity to memorize them so well that - when the proctor tells me to "Begin," I can bang out just the first letter of each word on the One Sheet - and know what everything means.

The way in which I learn the One Sheet is to master the Definition Sheets.

Every word is placed on the page, including any indenting, as it appears on the One Sheet and in the Definition Sheets. This assists me in the ability to memorize all of it.

The beautiful thing about it is that the better you know your Definition Sheets, the better you will be able to recreate the One Sheet by just using the first letter of each word - and you will know what it all means.

I truly believe that if you master these two documents, that when you sit down for a final exam or the FYLSX, when you look over the fact pattern, the anwer will easily reveal itself to you.

In order to be as proficient as you need to be, you must practice with these, and in writing up full essays so that you can see how your answer will flow through the process. At first, it will not, but after a few practice essays, it should be much easier to do.

Where to Find the Old Essays:

As you should know, the California Bar offers us the ability to download past essays with sample answers that passed. This is where you harvest the issues.

On my "Essays" page, I have the links to the California Bar FYLSX essays.

Some of the links on the California Bar website do not work. The essays are still there, and you can get them from using the links on the "Essays" page.