Ray Hayden, J.D.

Ray Hayden, J.D.

Ray Hayden's Book

Ray Hayden's Book

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Ray's J.D. (Juris Doctor)

JD - FYLSX Video:

The following link is to my YouTube Channel. All of the video material you see in the Playlist (lower on this page) is located on my YouTube Channel.

Ray's YouTube Channel.

Please support my efforts by using the Blue "Support This Channel" button on the right hand side of the YouTube Home Page for my channel. Support can be as little as $1, or a maximum of $500 per person, per day.

My goal is to help more people pass the FYLSX with no up front cost - your support can go far in making this happen. This is the video that I placed on the YouTube Channel asking for support from those who decide that they find value in my program.

I have also created a PayPal button that allows users to contribute to these efforts right from this site:

Select an Amount

Here is how my marketing works...
You are allowed to use my materials for preparing for the California Bar, First Year Law Students' Examination with zero up front cost to you.
That's it! You get to use my materials for no cost.

If you never contribute to this project, no one is going to be upset with you in any way - but I would hope that if you find value, you would contribute what you feel it is worth to your specific scenario.

If you use my materials, and you find value in them, I have established two ways in which you can do just that.
The first is to view the video, "Support the Ray Hayden YouTube Channel," above. The video shows you how to do so. You can contribute $1, $5, or some other amount you decide on the YouTube Channel.

The second way to contribute is to use this PayPal button above to donate any of a variety of amounts, $10, $20, $30, $50, or $100. The payment goes to my company, VDO1 - which is "Raymond Scott Hayden DBA VDO1." "VDO1" is what the payment would say on your credit card statement.
I hope that you do find value in my materials and my efforts, and that you can support this project so that more people can be very well prepared for the FYLSX.

Best wishes for much success, always!

Ray Hayden

FYLSX Playlist:

Here is a video on how to use the Playlist, which is the second video down this page.

Here are the links to my One Sheets / Definition Sheets, Exam Version of the One Sheets, and any other documents that I might upload on this page - that will make it faster to find what you need to see.

All of the videos I have uploaded can be viewed from the following Playlist. Watch the above video to see how to use it.