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Ray Hayden, J.D.

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Ray Hayden's Book

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Ray's J.D. (Juris Doctor)

Distance Education Accrediting Commission:

The Distance Education and Training Council is now known as the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

DEAC accredits schools on the national level. Some programs and schools do not have some of the items (such as physical elements, like a library) that are basic requirements for Regional Accreditation, so the only option for them would be to seek National Accreditation.

That said, one law school, Concord Law School is tied to a regionally accredited school (Kaplan), but the law school itself cannot be accredited by the American Bar Association due to the very rules of the ABA.

What is interesting is that DEAC has begun to accredit distance learning law degrees, something they had never offered before.

So far, Taft and Abraham Lincoln have each been accredited by DEAC to grant the Juris Doctor degree.

I will continue to watch how DEAC accreditation effects (or not) the future of the study of law via distance learning at the Juris Doctor level.

Of even greater interest to me is the "Executive" Juris Doctor Degree. Concord has a trademark on Executive JD, so Taft offers a Juris Doctor Executive Track.

The better way to look at these sorts of programs is that they are really law school with fewer credits and they do not allow anyone to take the Bar Exam, anywhere, ever. You could think of them as "non-bar" law degree programs. The value of these degree's is that they offer students, like myself, who do not wish to go into the day to day practice of law, but still desire to have the basic knowledge of the law on a professional level.

Personally, I prefer the full program, and the shot at taking the Bar Exam when I decide to. The primary benefit of a non bar option is that you would not need to take the FYLSX after the first year.

If you EVER want to sit for the California Bar Exam, I would highly recommend using a program which will allow you to sit for the California Bar Exam.