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Ray's thoughts on 2L Materials

Ray's J.D. (Juris Doctor)

2L: Thoughts on Materials

I just started my 4L year, so I have more insight to share at this point. Of all the stuff you can buy, of all the money you can spend, the cold hard reality is that you do not actually need very much to do very well in the study of law.

I recommend the following:
1) The California Bar Essay Book - if they come out with a new edition, get that one - but here is the link to Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam. I will keep an eye out on this item, and when I see any newer edition, I will make the change here.

2) Now, you CAN get away with just using Wikipedia, but you need to be VERY good at it to be successful, so for a few dollars, I recommend the Gilbert's Law Summary's because they are what I used all the way through 4L.

Do feel free to browse Wikipedia for additional insight on the issues and subject matter.

3) Fleming's Outlines - these are included in our tuition at NWCULaw, and Fleming's VIDEO lectures are online at the school's eJuris website... for no additional charge. For 1L - we pay for that course, but for the rest of law study, we have access to Fleming's Outlines and Lectures at no additional cost.

We do have to email the school for a password, then call Fleming's office to get the outlines, but they are at no additional cost.

4) Wikipedia, Google Scholar, and Google / the Internet, in general - all free with your Internet access, and if you use a public library... part of our taxes, use it.

5) And for 2L and above, these are a little harder to deal with, but worth the effort, the Passing Sample Exams off of the California Bar Website. I link to FYLSX's - but I will also end up linking to the California Bar Exams as well... and I have them going back to 2002 if I have that right. Use these to understand the most important issues - these are not MODEL answers, so there are things wrong with them, but they passed, which is what we want to do!
I do not recommend Case Books, they are a waste of money. I do not suggest Case Brief Books (other than to get used to how to brief cases in 1L), they are another waste of money after that point.

Spend QUALITY time, and a lot of it, with the above, and I think you should do just fine. Do NOT waste your time and money on a lot of materials... spend MORE time with the above, and just go over and over it... it will sink in!