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A note... the Multiple Choice Questions on the First Year Law Students' Examination are not Multistate Bar Exam Multiple Choice Questions. For the FYLSX, the California Bar has their OWN proprietary question bank that they maintain, and update, for the FYLSX.

AdaptiBar licenses the retired MBE questions for this effort, and they have a version of their product for the FYLSX, as such, you will never see one of the retired MBE questions on the FYLSX, and I believe that the design and logic of the questions are not the same.

However, one of the huge things that I do believe kills some examinees is the timing issue. Specifically, people panic on the MCQ section of the FYLSX, because it is rather stressful.

The best use of the AdaptiBar program, and I would only do it once - because you have to pay each time you use it - is to KNOW that you can get through 100 MCQ's in three hours time.

AdaptiBar has a good number of tools that you can use to analyze how you perform, which can give you the confidence that you need to be able to accomplish the 100 MCQ's in the three hour window, and for that, AdaptiBar might help you.

Siegel's Books:

You should know that the Siegel's Books have nearly 100% of the June 1980 Form A MCQ's covered in them. Siegel's has books on various subjects in law, including Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law. The front part of these books has essays, the back section has MCQ's.
Siegel's Torts
Siegel's Contracts
Siegel's Criminal Law
On every single FYLSX that I sat for, I saw four or five questions, word for word, right out of the Siegel's books. Five free points! It might very well be that one point cost you the FYLSX. On the October 2014 FYLSX, the one I passed, I needed 73 MCQ's correct to pass. I had never scored higher than a 72 on my five previous attempts... in October 2014, I scored 78, and I passed.

While the Siegel's books cover the design and logic of the questions you will see on the FYLSX, you need to be aware of the INSTRUCTIONS from the back of the MCQ Exam Booklet. I publish those on the FYLSX prep page, and you need to know those cold, because they CHANGE what would normally have been a correct answer to dead wrong!

You also need to double check the instructions on the back of YOUR exam booklet to make sure they are the same as the ones I published! It would be a seriously bad mistake to NOT FULLY understand the instructions on the back of your FYLSX MCQ Exam Booklet!