Ray Hayden, J.D.

Ray Hayden, J.D.

Ray Hayden's Book

Ray Hayden's Book

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Ray's J.D. (Juris Doctor)

Contacting Ray:

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Updated email address for contacting Ray if you have any questions about this process of law study, Contact Ray.

About the site:

This is my long term project in regard to completing law study via distance education.

Check out the Right Now page for my most current information.

Ray's FYLSX Scores:

I passed the 28 October 2014 FYLSX.
Jun 2012: MCQ's = 65, Q1 = 55, Q2 = 55, Q3 = 55, Q4 = 55 -- Scaled Score = 441

Oct 2012: MCQ's = 72, Q1 = 55, Q2 = 65, Q3 = 50, Q4 = 65 -- Scaled Score = 505

Jun 2013: MCQ's = 65, Q1 = 60, Q2 = 60, Q3 = 60, Q4 = 70 -- Scaled Score = 506

Oct 2013: MCQ's = 65, Q1 = 70, Q2 = 65, Q3 = 60, Q4 = 60 -- Scaled Score = 533

Jun 2014: MCQ's = 72, Q1 = 55 , Q2 = 60, Q3 = 70, Q4 = 60 -- Scaled Score = 526

Oct 2014: MCQ's = 78, Q1 = 70 , Q2 = 65, Q3 = 65, Q4 = 60 -- Scaled Score = 577

Academic Probation:

To keep it really short, a lot of us end up on Academic Probation from 1L. I don't worry about it, and neither should you. Hopefully, we will get the grasp of what we are supposed to know, pass the FYLSX, work out of Academic Probation and move along in our programs.

Don't waste time worrying about Academic Probation, it is history, focus on what you need to do to get the job done from here.

My Grades:

I am not shy about this point. I will fully report my grades on all aspects of this project.

The 1L courses that I took had been, Introduction to Law and Legal Writing, Contracts, Criminal Law, and Torts.
Introduction to Law and Legal Writing Grade = "A."
Contracts: Grade = "D+."
Criminal Law: Grade = "C-."
Torts: Grade = "C-."
This gave me a GPA of 1.57, which is Academic Probation range.

Note: Intro to Law is "pass / fail" at NWCULaw, but other students who have passed the FYLSX report that upon passing the FYLSX, the grade is an "A," and it does not seem to matter how many times you take it before passing.

Passing the October 2014 FYLSX changed the "Pass" grade in "Intro to Law" to an "A," and the result is that my GPA from 1L is now 2.175, and I do not appear to be on Academic Probation, being listed as a "Regular Student."

The 2L courses that I took are, Agency and Partnership, Criminal Procedure, Real Property, and Remedies.
Agency and Partnership Grade = B
Criminal Procedure Grade = C
Real Property Grade = C-
Remedies Grade = D+
This means that I just clawed my way to a 2.0 for 2L, and my overall GPA is a 2.09. I am really hoping that I can bring the overall GPA up with 3L subjects.

I did indeed score the Bachelor of Science in Law degree, and the school sent it out to me. While I already have a bachelors and masters degree, this one is special, it marks the half way point to scoring the JD, and by the time I got it - a little bit more.
MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibilities Exam):
I took the MPRE exam in August of 2015 because I could, California does not have a time window on when we have to take the MPRE, other than passing it, before we can be sworn in.

California and Utah require the highest scaled score to pass the MPRE - 86.

Of course, I would be happy with 86, but I really wanted to score over 100 on this exam.

I scaled out to a 103!

I started 3L on 5 January 2016 due to submitting my application for 3L a little late, and the holiday season.

The 3L Courses are Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Corporations, and Evidence.
Note: The grades for the 3L Final Exams have been B-, C-, C, C-, in that order of the courses listed below. If my math is right, I will slide into 4L without being on Academic Probation - so, mission accomplished!

My GPA did actually increase slightly over the 2L year. This is a bonus! My overall GPA takes a very slight dive and should end up being 2.025 or so.

When I get the actual official grades back from the school, I will update this page.

Civil Procedure Mid Term Grade (C); Final Grade = "C+."
Constitutional Law: Mid Term Grade (B-); Final grade = "C."
Corporations: Mid Term Grade (B-); Final grade = "C."
Evidence: Mid Term Grade (C-); Final Grade = "C-."
During the 3L year, I changed the way I do things, the plan of attack. I now rely heavily on the California Bar Essay Book, but I still also rely on Gilbert's Law Summary's. Wikipedia, Google, and the Fleming outlines, which are provided to us as part of our program (Prof. Fleming is an instructor with the school).

With my "good enough" 3L Mid Terms, I knew I would pass the 3L year. What I don't know, is the GPA when I get into 4L!

My grades are actually improving over time, and my overall GPA is slightly better than I had calculated and ended up being 2.06.

I began 4L on 5 January 2017.
Administrative Law Mid Term Grade (B-); Final Course Grade (C+)
Community Property: Mid Term Grade (C); Final Course Grade (B)
Professional Responsibility: Mid Term Grade (B+); Final Course Grade (B-)
Trusts: Mid Term Grade (B); Final Course Grade (B-)
Wills: Mid Term Grade (C+); Final Course Grade (C+)
There are five courses in the 4L year, and I believe that Administrative Law is very important to understand for everyone. Professional Responsibility is Ethics, the course you want for the MPRE exam, which I already took, and passed on my first attempt during my 2L year in 2015.

Completing My Law Study Program:
On 8 December 2017, I sat for my last Final Exams for my law study program.

Immediately thereafter, I began my prep work for the February 2018 California Bar Exam with its insane failure rate.

The good news is that the First Year Law Students' Examination has a MUCH lower pass rate, 20%! Anything better than that is simply looking better.

Still, reality is what it is, and the California Bar Exam is notorious for being difficult. Shifting from three days down to just two made a lot of folks happy... it did none of that for me... all they have to do is grade it harder, and it changes nothing.

I wish everyone the very best for success should they decide to go this route... it seems people think that it is an easier path... funny... they are incorrect.