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YouTube Wanted to Punish "Bad Actors" on the System:

What they have done, instead, is to reward the "Bad Actors," and punish all of the smaller channels on YouTube instead:

The link to the video is:

CrAP's Salvador Makes Headlines!:

From the Field:

"Turns out Salvador was playing around with 4 employees: D. B., K. V., M. H., and A. B.."

From CAP Insights:

Full names had been submitted, we changed them to just initials.

We have had various reports on this sort of thing, from a number of sources. Several of the names above had been mentioned in previous reports - and from different sources.

If Salvador has some sort of reply to this, we'd be interested in hearing it, but in the realm of the current sexual harassment world, we'd be shocked if he remained in office for any length of time.

By Ray Hayden:

Specifically from me, I have worked in litigation support for more than twenty five years. Nothing really shocks me at this point, and I honestly believe that it is reasonable to think that the accusations are true and correct against Salvador, which is why I am allowing this to be released at this point.

In the world of Sexual Harassment, I had heard a joke years ago, "It's sexual harassment if she is not into you." While it was typically said as a humorous note, I actually took it as deadly serious.

There is, however one real world example of such a simplified definition of sexual harassment... if the party accused has any managerial or supervisory responsibilities over the accuser... it is, by default, sexual harassment. Now, this would be arguable in court, but in this day and age... good luck with that.

Salvador is in the hot seat... we are seeing people fall like trees in cutting season.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out for Salvador, and for CrAP in general.

USAF Members of the Board of Governors, Mushrooms in Disguise!:

From the Field:

It appears that CAP-USAF has employed the age old technique of installing mushrooms in places where actual thinking human beings ought to be.
According to reports, USAF members of the Board of Governors have not been "notified" of improprieties of CAP's COO.

Further, additional reports mention USAF members of the Board of Governors been unaware of the new layers of bureaucracy it now takes to get anything done.
Thus we have the USAF Members of the Board of Governors being kept in the dark, and fed CrAP.

Here is "the thing" though... The USAF Members of the Board of Governors are not supposed to be inept morons - though we have witnessed that very reality for decades (don't make us remind you!) - it would seem that the USAF, Congress... someone, might just want to reach down to the "give a fuck" realm and ask for some serious transparency.

Maybe the USAF members of the Board of Governors want to clean off some of the dung and get their heads in the game... or perhaps they may wish to get smart and leave before they get too much CrAP on them!

CAP Staff Changes:

by Ray Hayden:

Notes From the Field to follow.

It appears that CrAPNHQ are fans of Taylor Swift (and really, who wouldn't be?). The fact is they have a number of "Blank Space"(s) in vital positions at CrAPNHQ!

Aerospace Education has three vital Blank Spaces, forget about Cadet Programs applications and renewals - empty! Been waiting on that promotion? Empty! The good news should that terminations (same position) is empty too... so...

Now, the three missions of CrAP are, Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services (Operations). Here is the kicker, out of six positions in Operations, four are Blank Spaces!

There is a new Chief Financial Officer. This person seems to be on the ball, however, because she is apparently keeping the "real" job outside of CrAP... almost knowing that the organization is circling a drain!

From the Field:

Civil Air Patrol's funding is bad. Perhaps all the lawsuits are draining them.

The Civil Air Patrol, according to a recent memo, has no funds for proficiency flights, nor most Search and Rescue missions.

The US Air Force is only allowing the Civil Air Patrol to use funds for selective departments or areas in the CAP such as Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education.

Note by Ray Hayden:

The positions in CrAP that are vacant are those which are rather critical to providing good service for their number one client, the General Membership. Without quality people and quality service to the General Membership, you end up with what you end up with, unhappy members who do eventually grow tired of the lack of professionalism.

These recent departures are interesting.

From the Field:

Once again, Amelia S. "Fat Amy" Courter is trying to connive her way back to center stage.

In the wake of John Salvador’s emerging scandal, there will soon be a search for a new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Courter, who has a long and well-documented track record of getting hired for executive positions and then losing them, would nevertheless like nothing better than to become CAP’s COO.

There is also a consolation prize up for grabs – one of the CAP at-large seats on the Board of Governors.

Courter recently used her position in a group called Women in Defense to give an award from that organization to retired USAF Lt Gen Judith Fedder who... wait for it... chairs CAP’s Board of Governors.

Courter expects payback, of course. Will the Board of Governors and USAF fall for this latest Courter scam? Will they forget the years of Fat Amy’s toxic mismanagement that finally drove USAF to revamp CAP’s governance?

Stay tuned!

CAP in General:

by Ray Hayden:

I have been told, on a number of occasions, that, "what remains of the General Membership of the Criminal Air Patrol is nothing more than a group of 'Drooling Retards.'" ran a STORY about how Amelia S. "Amy" Courter was sucking up to Fedder with some stupid award for breathing air - or some such "drooling retard" sort of thing.

It really makes Fedder look dumb, like a puppet for Courter to control... interesting...

Courter has never stopped "drooling" over some sort of paid position with the Criminal Air Patrol... people doubted us on this report all along the way... more drooling retards.

The very image of Courter sucking up to Fedder is simply continued confirmation of the Self Licking Ice Cream Cone of Corruption that I wrote about so long ago... NOTHING HAS CHANGED. continues to talk a lot of nothing about anything even remotely important... long, long ago, losing any value to anyone, anywhere, for valid information on the continued corruption that has completely eroded the Criminal Air Patrol to what it has become today.

Really, at this point... members remaining simply make themselves look more and more like the reported "Drooling Retards" as told to us from numerous parties over the years...


Salvador Update:

by Ray Hayden:

We have a follow up report. It is worse than the original reports that we had.

If Salvador is married, I can only imagine life at home is going to truly suck down the road!

The creation of a hostile work environment, and inappropriate behavior toward employees by someone in a position of authority over their very employment is understood, pretty much across the board these days, as something that is not to be tolerated.

Just look at the flack taking place at the Air Force Academy this week alone! How likely is it that the United States Air Farce wants the Criminal Air Patrol harassment and hostilities to be front page news on top of all of that?

I am kind of thinking that the USAF really doesn't want to have to deal with this, on top of that... the military and Congressional personnel who have to deal with this stuff every day must be getting rather sick and tired of it - something new, almost every day!

I'll ask again - if anyone, anywhere, has any evidence that I am mislead in my personal OPINION that Salvador is a scumbag, feel free to enlighten me and share how Salvador is anything but part of the problem... because, barring any evidence to the contrary, my opinion will remain as is.

Is Salvador a Skirt Chaser?:

From the Field, with Narrative by Ray Hayden:

Report: Well, two of them really... let's look at them one at a time:

#1: Someone at National HQ is marginalized to the point of being nearly a non entity as a senior executive of the organization. The issues at hand, we will not address, as it would be a great lawsuit... makes me wish I was an attorney!

#2: Someone at National HQ was terminated... this one is juicy, and I will only discuss parts of it without mentioning names other than Salvador, because his name was specifically mentioned in a number of notes sent to CAP Insights... let's get to it...

The report alleges that Salvador appears to be the type who likes to chase skirts - a completely inappropriate behavior of someone with a supervisory role over a skirt being chased! - it is just wrong in every legal, moral, and ethical context.

Here is the bottom line, it is an old saying that is even more appropriate today... "Don't shit where you eat, you end up eating shit!"

One other thing... not only should people who work together NEVER have relations together, but ANYONE with supervisory authority over ANYONE in a paid position is pretty much AUTOMATICALLY guilty due to the very authority they hold over the persons job!

I don't know Salvador, I have the subjective belief that he is a scumbag, and part of the problem, but I also reserve the right to change my mind if presented with evidence to dispute my belief in this regard. That said... if there is anyone out there with knowledge to the contrary in regard to Salvador, drop us a line.

Hurricane Irma:

by Ray Hayden:

I made a YouTube Video about the storms, and I pretty much called all four of them, and I really nailed it on Irma, though I had the strong feeling she would do the damage she did, I also thought she would have curved up the east coast of Florida, rather than up the center of the state, or the SW coast as she did.

Still, my YouTube video pretty much said it all then.

It is the "After Irma" that I am thinking about now - and let me make the bold prediction that the scumbags in the Criminal Air Patrol are going to try to grab credit for a damn thing - oh they will try!

Here is the cold hard fact - we had a drone patrol record video for our own purposes before ANYONE could get here to make ANY assessment of any thing!

A local resident in our neighborhood had a drone, I saw him training with it - safely, and at low altitude, months ago in our neighborhood. I asked him, as the HOA president, to shoot some drone footage of the damage after the fact - to go along with my images of the community before and after.

Other than a crushed mailbox, we sustained little, if any damage from the storm. Inspections are ongoing, but I suspect that we dodged a very nasty storm, and I credit that to our board of directors taking affirmative actions to prevent such damage over the years.

The real point I want to make is that each neighborhood, with one drone, can take excellent imagery that could be reviewed effectively, and efficiently, and long before CrAP morons could ever get their collective heads out of their own tax dollar wasting asses.

Not even the glory grabbing cell phone morons could steal glory on this one - oh, they will try!

CAP has to move assets (planes and vehicles) out of harms way, then bring them back... by the time they could even be close to doing that, our drone video has long been done... our own imagery has long been taken... they cannot touch the efforts we have already done, yet, they will try to steal some glory in an attempt to justify the waste of tax dollars for some idiots to fly the planes for free.

Glorious Grand Standing... expect to see a lot of that from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma... but the cold hard truth is, we've already shot the video, we've already taken the images, and we have already done more work of much higher quality, than CrAP could ever dream of.

I wrote the report YEARS ago. I made strong recommendations - CAP actually took some of them and made some changes along those lines. The problem is that it is far too little, much too late.

Much like a fax machine... CAP has outlived any value to society.

Submitted From the Field:

NTSB Identification: ERA14FA128


On February 22, 2014, at 1405 eastern standard time, a Beech 95-B55, N36638, was destroyed when it collided with terrain following a loss of control during an aborted landing on runway 31 at LaGrange – Callaway Airport (LGC), LaGrange, Georgia. The commercial pilot, flight instructor, and pilot-rated passenger were fatally injured. Visual meteorological conditions (VMC) prevailed, and no flight plan was filed for the local instructional flight, which was conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91.

The airplane was based at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK), Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the flight was for each pilot to perform an instrument proficiency flight with the instructor. It was surmised that the airplane arrived at LGC and purchased fuel. The accident pilot then moved from the back seat to the left front seat, and the airplane subsequently departed on the accident flight.

Several witnesses provided statements, and their versions of the events that day were consistent throughout. Glider tow operations by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) were being conducted on an intersecting runway (03/21) at the non-tower controlled airport beginning that morning. Many noticed the accident airplane as it was fueled in front of the terminal at 1335. While the airplane was serviced, the occupants came into the terminal, spoke with other pilots in the terminal, and subsequently departed.

The witnesses described the radio traffic on the airport's common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) as "constant" from the glider tow operation throughout the day. Some were unable to recall hearing an inbound radio call from the accident airplane, or a departure radio call from the tow plane. Several witnesses distinctly remembered hearing the accident airplane announce "inbound on the ILS runway 31" prior to the accident. Just prior to the accident, several also recalled hearing an "Abort! Abort!" transmission over the CTAF.

One witness, who observed the accident airplane on final approach for landing, stated that the airplane was "sort of hot and landing long." About 2,000 feet past the runway threshold, the airplane was still airborne, "bobbling" and "searching for the ground." He heard the engines accelerate suddenly to full power as the airplane pitched up into a steep climb, banked left, and rolled inverted. The turn continued until the airplane struck the ground in an 80- to 90-degree nose-down attitude. The witness added, "The airplane never touched down, he was in a flare, and he floated a long way, because his speed was excessive."

Several other witnesses stated their attention was drawn to the airplane by the sound of the engines' rapid acceleration. It was at that time they also noticed a tow plane and glider departing from runway 03, with the tow plane still on the runway, and the glider on tow and flying above the runway. One witness felt that a left turn by the accident airplane to sidestep the runway would have resolved the perceived conflict with the tow plane.

Another witness was positioned just inside the open doors of the hangar where he worked. The CTAF was monitored and played over a loudspeaker in the hangar. He distinctly remembered the accident airplane departing after its fuel purchase, and "a few minutes later, "making a radio call announcing that it was inbound on the ILS Runway 31 approach. The witness did not hear the glider tow plane announce its takeoff, but did hear the "abort" call.

The witness watched as the airplane pitched up to approximately 60 degrees and 150 feet above the ground, before it "stalled," rolled inverted, and descended nose-down with the engines running "wide open." He watched as the glider, which had been released from the tow, stopped before the runway intersection. The tow plane crossed the intersecting runway, and then taxied back.

The purpose of the CAP glider flight was to provide a "check-out" for one of their members. In interviews with the FAA, the tow-plane pilot stated that he called "abort" over the radio when he perceived a potential conflict with the accident airplane over runway 31. Both he and the glider pilots reported that they stopped their aircraft prior to the intersection of the two runways.


The pilot held a commercial pilot certificate with ratings for airplane single engine land, multiengine land and instrument airplane. His most recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) third class medical certificate was issued on October 21, 2013. He reported 1,642 total hours of flight experience on that date.

Photographs of the pilot's logbook were forwarded by a family representative. The cover page was dated January 5, 2000, and the first page of entries photographed began in 2012. As a result, the details of the pilot's entire flight history could not be reconciled. His most recent flight review was performed in the accident airplane on May 20, 2012, and the last flight recorded in the logbook was dated August 7, 2013. As of that date, the pilot had logged 1,706.7 total hours of flight experience, of which 1,124.2 hours were in multi-engine airplanes. From approximately January 2012 until the time of the accident, the pilot logged 73 hours of multiengine experience; all of which was in the accident airplane.

According to a representative of the insurance company for the accident airplane, both the accident pilot and the rear seat passenger were required to complete an instrument proficiency check each year to meet policy requirements. The accident pilot was not due a regulatory flight review until May 2014.

The flight instructor held ratings for airplane single and multiengine land. He also held an airline transport pilot certificate with multiple type ratings. His logbooks were not recovered. He reported 12,100 total hours of flight experience on the date of his most recent FAA second-class medical certificate, which was issued October 4, 2011. While his medical certificate was expired, Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) did not require that it be current while he functioned as a flight instructor with a certificated pilot at the flight controls.


According to FAA records, the airplane was manufactured in 1980. Its most recent annual inspection was completed July 2, 2013, at 5,109.6 aircraft hours. The airplane accrued 17.8 hours of flight time after the inspection.

According to the manufacturer's Pilot's Operating Handbook, given the atmospheric conditions at the time of the accident and calculated at maximum takeoff weight, the estimated landing distance was 2,200 feet when measured from 50 feet above the landing threshold. A landing performed as prescribed above would stop the airplane approximately 2,300 feet prior to the intersection of runways 03/21.


At 1355, the weather conditions reported at LGC included calm winds, clear skies, and 10 miles of visibility. The temperature was 19 degrees C, the dew point was -4 degrees C, and the altimeter setting was 30.09 inches of mercury.


LGC was located about 6 miles southwest of LaGrange, Georgia at an elevation of 693 feet. The airport was not tower-controlled. Runway 13/31 was 5,599 feet long and 150 feet wide, and runway 03/21 was 5,001 feet long and 100 feet wide. Instrument approach procedures (ILS, RNAV, and VOR) were published for runway 13/31.

Runways 31 and 03 were in use at the time of the accident. Due to terrain and trees, the approach end of runway 31 could not be viewed from the ground from the approach end of runway 03, and vice versa.

The "Glider Operations" symbol was depicted on the most recent VFR sectional chart for LGC. The most recent Airport Facilities Directory (A/FD) advised, "Glider [operations on and in the vicinity of airport during daylight hours Saturday-Sunday].

"Airport Rules and Regs: ADDITIONAL RULES AND REGULATIONS AS TO GLIDER OPERATIONS DECEMBER 15, 2003" published on the airport website included the following:
1. Each day glider operations are planned; the glider club shall contact the Macon Flight Service Station to file a local NOTAM for glider operations to be conducted in the vicinity of KLGC. The glider club shall provide the following information to both Flight Service and the FBO at the airport:
a. before the day's first glider flight the anticipated time of the first glider flight takeoff; and the estimated highest altitude gliders may attain that day in the NOTAM area.
5. During glider operations, an agent of the glider operation shall be positioned on the ground so as to be able to see an aircraft along the entire length of runway 13/31 and the approach and departure path of aircraft operating to or from either end of that runway. This agent shall hold at least a FAA Private Pilot certificate. The agent must observe and determine that there will be no apparent traffic conflict prior to a glider launch. The agent shall then advise the tow plane and glider by radio, on the CTAF, that no apparent traffic conflict will be involved during their departure. The tow plane and glider shall not depart on that runway until they receive the advisory from the agent. Conversely, powered aircraft holding for sequential departure will allow both the tow plane and glider to clear the intersection of runways 03/21 and 13/31 before beginning their departure roll.
At the time of the accident, no NOTAM was posted with regard to the glider operations, and no "agent" or spotter from the glider activity was posted as outlined in the published airport regulations. Furthermore, airport staff had not ensured that the requirements were met prior to commencement of glider operations, as outlined in their airport regulations.

The flight instructor in the glider at the time of the accident stated he was "unaware" of the additional rules at LGC with regards to glider operations, and was also unaware of the rule that required a spotter. He added that the airport authority had never corrected glider operators for not placing spotters during glider operations.

All three CAP pilots involved in the glider operation at the time of the accident had current CAP Flight Evaluation Forms completed with satisfactory results. The areas evaluated included, "Local Procedures" as well as "Surface and Traffic Pattern Operations."


The wreckage was examined at the accident site on February 23, 2014, and all major components were accounted for at the scene. The wreckage path was oriented 245 degrees magnetic and was 77 feet long. The main wreckage came to rest on its main landing gear in a nearly vertical nose-down attitude. The nose compartment, instrument panel, and cockpit area were destroyed by impact. The left and right engine tachometers displayed indications of 2,810 rpm and 2,650 rpm, respectively.

The airplane was equipped with fully functioning, dual flight control yokes mounted on a single column. Flight control continuity was established from the cockpit to all flight control surfaces. The main landing gear was down and locked, and the flaps were in the 30-degree down position.

The airplane was removed from the site, and a detailed examination of the airframe and both engines, completed February 24, 2014, revealed no preimpact mechanical anomalies.


The FAA Bioaeronautical Sciences Research Laboratory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, performed the toxicological testing for the pilot and flight instructor.

Chlorpeniramine, Ephedrine, and Pseudoephedrine were detected in the blood and urine of the pilot. While detected, the quantities were too small to quantify.

The following tested-for drugs were detected in the flight instructor:
Amlodipine detected in Urine
Amlodipine NOT detected in Blood (Cavity)
2.129 (ug/ml, ug/g) Methadone detected in Liver
0.187 (ug/ml, ug/g) Methadone detected in Blood (Cavity)
Methadone Metabolite (EDDP) detected in Liver
Methadone Metabolite (EDDP) detected in Blood (Cavity)
Metoprolol detected in Liver
Metoprolol detected in Blood (Cavity)
Amlodipine was in a group of drugs called channel blockers, and was used in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Metaprolol belonged to a group of medicines called beta blockers, and was used in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Methadone was a synthetic opioid and analgesic, which was used as a maintenance drug for opiate dependence, or for the treatment of chronic pain and its use, was contraindicated for use while flying.

In a telephone interview, the flight instructor's wife detailed her husband's cancer diagnosis, treatment, and subsequent remission. She explained that the disease, and its treatment, resulted in nerve damage to her husband's feet, legs, and hands, which further resulted in chronic pain. The pain was managed with medication, but she could not recall the medication prescribed.

The Office the Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia performed autopsies on the pilot and instructor. The autopsy reports listed the cause of death as "blunt impact injuries."


As stipulated in 14 CFR Part 91, aircraft while on final approach to land or while landing, have the right-of-way over other aircraft in flight or operating on the surface.

FAA Advisory Circular CA-90-48C, Pilot's Role in Collision Avoidance, stated, "The importance of flight instructors training pilot applicants to devote maximum attention to collision avoidance while conducting flight operations in today's increasing air traffic environment cannot be overemphasized. Flight instructors and persons acting as safety pilots should: Guard against preoccupation during flight instruction to the exclusion maintaining a constant vigilance for other traffic, and be particularly alert during the conduct of simulated instrument flight where there is a tendency to 'look inside.'"

The Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3), chapter 8, "Faulty Approaches and Landings" stated, "If the airspeed on final approach is excessive, it will usually result in the airplane floating. Before touchdown can be made, the airplane may be well past the desired landing point and the available runway may be insufficient…Since prolonged floating utilizes considerable runway length, it should be avoided…If a landing cannot be made on the first third of the runway…the pilot should EXECUTE A GO AROUND."

Chapter 14, "Transition to a Multiengine Airplane" stated, "The complexity of multiengine airplanes makes a knowledge of and proficiency in emergency go-around procedures particularly essential for safe piloting. The emergency go-around during a landing approach is inherently critical because it is usually initiated at a very low altitude and airspeed with the airplane's configuration and trim adjustments set for landing. Unless absolutely necessary, the decision to go around should not be delayed to the point where the airplane is ready to touch down. The more altitude and time available to apply power, establish a climb, retrim, and set up a go-around configuration, the easier and safer the maneuver becomes."

According to the manufacturer's pilots operating handbook, the procedure for a balked landing was:
1. Propellers - LOW PITCH (high rpm)
4. Flaps - UP (0 degrees)
5. Landing Gear - UP
6. Cowl Flaps - AS REQUIRED

From the Field:

On May 8, CAP announced two at-large appointments to the Board of Governors.

They are:
Col Brad Lynn vice Col Ralph Miller

Col Dale Newell vice Col Warren Vest
We wish them both well in their new role.

May 8 was a very bad day for Fat Amy Courter. She desperately wanted one of these BOG appointments for herself.

CAP and USAF have become fully aware of the damage that she caused when she was in national command, and of her conniving schemes for a comeback ever since leaving office in 2011. Amy, you are yesterday's news, and bad news at that. It is time for you to fade away.

The CAP Now...:

Congress "owns" the Civil Air Patrol. They own it on behalf of the general public, and are responsible for the oversight of that organization.

In effect, the real CEO's of the Civil Air Patrol, roughly, is all of Congress, on our tax paying behalf.

If Congress instructs the Civil Air Patrol to do something, it would be in CAP's best interest to listen to that instruction, and follow it - barring something illegal is being requested, of course.

However, due to Congress allowing organizations to "self manage" under the theory of Administrative Law (you all should study this one subject for much about what you hate about our own government!), things get muddy (which is WHY it is so frustrating!).

The real muck is when people abuse that system - like almost all of CAP's "leadership" - and they do a lot of self serving things that go against the organization, and against public policy interests (you should research that idea as well!).

Because, so long ago, Congress was filled - much as it is today - with a host of lazy slack asses (research free speech and opinion) - and Administrative Law ends up requiring a sort of lawsuit to change things (and no one is going to piss away money for things when they KNOW going in, that there is no funding or reimbursement on the back end!) the scumbags fester into positions of "authority," and abuse and corrupt the entire organization... like you see in CAP today.

"The thing" is that, someone, at some point, will indeed take up a cause, find a way to fight, and hit home with a winner attack against the corruption.

We told you years ago how to end it within 60 days, something cadets came up with, a Civil Air Patrol - Strike Against Corruption, CAP-SAC. Simply stop showing up for about two months... Congress will notice, change WILL happen... but, lazy slack asses are apparently everywhere, and the strike never happened - though even the threat of it was a huge part of what took out Pineda... so, there's that result.

You all could do it at any time... but you don't... and you are still part of dues paying morons who steal from our tax dollars for a corrupt organization that steals from your dues money's for their own travel and free spending - good job!

They reward you with a sheet of paper... maybe a ribbon or trinket... you obey... good job!

Until YOU, as a general member speak out against the corruption... until YOU stand up and do something... you get exactly what YOU deserve, to be part of a corrupt organization that bleeds you, and our tax dollars financially, and YOU and your family... emotionally.

Enjoy the ride.

We told you how to fix the problem, CAP actually implemented a number the suggestions, but corrupted the process to fit their own desires of continued corruption... the most important change was to get rid of 100% of the "leaders," the primary thing they failed to do... again, it all rests in YOUR hands as a member of CAP.

YOU - each and every one of YOU - has the ability to change CAP forever... or, you can continue to do nothing but bitch about it to the very people who are screwing you over...

Good luck with that.

From a Posting on

Part of a posting on
"This will be my last post. I am resigning from the Civil Air Patrol. There is still much good about this program and I will miss those things. However, the politics, and a sell out, just sealed it for me."
We imagine CrAP is going to see a lot more of this mindset... the lights are on, the truth is heard, and understood, and the member makes the informed decision that CrAP is simply not for them... they have seen too much crap in CAP.

From the Field:

Interesting note from KYWG CC... emphasis ours (CAP Insights)

From: Darrel Williamson
Date: April 2, 2017 at 7:54:28 PM EDT
To: KYWG Membership
Subject: [KY Wing CAP] KYWG Transportation issues.


I am writing you all to bring focus on a very important matter. The status of our vehicle reporting and record keeping practices is far below par. KYWG suffers as a whole from this. Without justification and a track record of proven stewardship, we can not be considered to replace our aging fleet of vehicles.

There has been a significant amount of new vans, SUVs, and trucks that have come into the region inventory, however, KYWG has not gained from it. This can mainly be attributed to our poor record keeping and simply not requesting new vehicles because of the same.

The remedy for this is a simple one. We will bring our record keeping into compliance. We will be consistent with our record keeping, and we will be in a position to gain new resources as a wing.

To give the wing a fresh slate, every unit and vehicle custodian has now been granted amnesty for previous actions in the area of reporting and record keeping. However that has a cost. All vehicles will be brought current to having 12 months of reporting entered into ORMS by 2400hrs April 30, 2017. This means both electronic entry, and completed and correct upload of the CAPF 73 (both sides) will be completed for all months between April 2016-April 2017. This gives everyone one month to complete this, and you should have plenty of time to comply with this directive.

I am aware of scanning challenges in regards to uploads. Many people have smart phones that can download apps that will convert photos to PDF documents. I encourage you to download such an app to make this requirement easier. The one I will be using us called Tiny Scanner. But feel free to download the app of your choice. Just know that the upload must be a PDF format, you can not just upload a picture.

For those that chose to fail in complying will have their vehicle taken away, NO EXCEPTIONS. I know first hand how valuable a resource that a CAP vehicle can be to a unit or wing staff member. It would pain me greatly to be forced to remove a resource, but will do so if compliance is not completed.

Looking down the road we will instituting a few things that will help the member in the field, and our processes to assign vehicles.

1) Vehicle Fleet cards. This has already been approved by the finance committed some time ago, and it is my aim to push this out to the field. These are not the Shell cards that can only be used for A missions, but ones for using the vehicles to take a field trip, or local fuel needs so the member will not have to pay out of pocket. With convenience comes responsibilities. Record keeping and procedures will be adhered to or the loss of the privileges will result.

2) Competitive vehicle applications. We will institute a procedure for units and staff to apply yearly for their vehicle. Simple idea is that this will help in justifications for vehicles and identify those who do not utilize them well. This will take place in August of each year for reassignments to take place in October.

3) Commander's Roll By Inspection. This will be a required appearance of all vehicles for inspection of the wing transportation officer, and will be the time when vehicles will be reassigned.

4) Binder updates and standardization. We are developing a standardized set of vehicle binder tabs to insert into the vehicle binders. These will standardize the record keeping for our fleet.

I hope that you can see how important that this matter is to me as your commander. It is my most sincere hope that we give this the utmost attention. If you have questions or comments please utilize your chain of command.

Col Darrel Williamson, CAP
Kentucky Wing Commander
(phone number redacted)

CAP Insights notes here:
Well, here is the issue we see in this... the Wing Commander grants amnesty for slack performance and follow through of taking care of CAP Vehicles (the ones tax payers buy for CAP!). The Wing CC then tells everyone that they will have a full YEAR of records updated in ORMS... O...Kayyyyyyy...

Logically, if there has been a slack in paperwork... probably for a very long time - and is far below par, according to the Wing CC... then... logically here... where is that record keeping coming FROM???

If the records have NOT been kept up to par, the records (maybe) do not even exist as to what was done, when, where...

Sooooooooo....... if the Wing is updating the records for the PAST year, and there are no records now....

You do the math here, because it seems like someone is granting permission to use "P51 hours" to get the records up to date where records do not exist to back it up.

[Google Parker P51... you'll get the meaning here...]

From the Field:

For an April 21, 2017 conference of the Society of Women Engineers in Los Angeles, Amy Courter is billing herself as the current National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol. Yes, Fat Amy thought she would make a bigger splash at this conference by dusting off her old canned biography and rewording all of the CAP-related paragraphs into present tense.

Never mind the fact that she has not held this position for almost six years...

See the text at: Amy's Fun Speech!. [scroll down that page just slightly to see it]

This is not the first time that we have caught Fat Amy red-handed. In a national defense publication awhile back, she billed herself as "a retired Air Force major general." CAP and USAF both went ballistic, and Courter had the publication write a correction in the next issue.

Amy, Amy - you just don't learn, do you?

Amelia S. (Amy) Courter:

From the Field:

Like the proverbial bad penny, the conniving Amy Courter has resurfaced.

Ostensibly, she was recently at a California Wing Cadet Programs Conference to present a Spaatz Award.

But as usual, Fat Amy has an ulterior motive - she is campaigning hard to grab the next available Board of Governors slot.

CAP veterans will remember that the Constitution and Bylaws enacted in 2012 prohibit former National Commanders from becoming BoG members for six years after end of term. Fat Amy left office in August, 2011... and she has been biding her time ever since.

We hope that both the current CAP leadership and USAF will have enough institutional memory to recall the four dark years of Fat Amy's toxic, disgraceful misrule. If CAP is to reverse its downward spiral, they must never let this odious woman on the BoG again.

NOTE: Who paid for Courter to do any of this? Who picked up the tab for Courter to travel, stay over, eat, or anything and everything else?

With Courter's history of fraud, waste, and abuse of CAP dollars, it shocks the conscious that she is still around at all.

Ray's Weight:

by Ray Hayden:

Life in general, but specifically being a lifelong learner, can add on pounds over time.

In the third week of September, 2016, it was discussed with me if I had been ingesting enough protein. Frankly, I had no idea if I was or not. I was introduced to a high protein yogurt, and I added that to my diet. I had the feeling that I was losing weight, so I jumped on the scale to find that I weighed 218 pounds.

The short of it is that I am currently 173.25 pounds, and I am aiming for 155 - 160. My weight when I left basic training in 1980 was 165.

Currently, I meet the weight requirements for the US Army weight scale for a 21 to 27 year old man, and a 17 to 20 year old maximum weight is 170 (at 68 inches).

The bottom line is that "weight" is not the goal... body fat is. What I am working on is the loss of fat with the minimum loss of muscle. I lost close to 45 pounds since the third week of September, 2016.

I monitor my health along the way to make sure I am on course to lose weight in a healthy, safe, reliable way. The key to the program that I am creating here is that I am not hungry. This had been a goal of mine forever... to find something that made me feel full. The reality is that I needed something that allowed me to NOT feel hungry... there is an important difference, and that difference is what allowed me to easily work toward this goal.

And on that point - what is the goal? Health... While I am still alive, I have things that I wish to be able to care for with quality attention to detail. If I am in poor health, the level of quality attention to those things is diminished, and I prefer that doesn't happen.

The primary goal being health and feeling good, the secondary goal is to actually look healthy too. And by that, I mean that I want to look tone, healthy... I want to look the way I already feel.

And there is a third goal. Since I could do it, anyone else with the motivation, dedication, and determination can achieve the same result.

I am currently developing a website that will outline the program I came up with... I have not seen any individual plan that does what I am doing, but years ago, I came pretty close to what I am doing now. It worked great then - it works even better now... the key here is to work the plan and evolve it to the end result of MAINTAINING the healthy weight and lifestyle... and in such a way that almost anyone could do it too!

While this does not have to do with CAP Insights per se, the idea of a strong mind in a healthy body is universal.

Say it Ain't so AOPA!!!:

by Ray Hayden:

The Criminal Air Patrol lies, steals glory of the Colorado Cirrus aircraft, and CrAPNHQ prints the lie. Mark "SCUMBAG" Young takes a news crew with him to PUBLICLY steal the glory for a save that CrAP never had anything to do with.

In fact, the OFFICIAL CAP Mission Log CONTAINS the lie, and the theft in it!!!

AOPA, the Aircraft Owner's and Pilots Association, ran the following, as part of a story they wrote:
A similar analysis Jan. 8 led rescuers to Colorado’s rugged Flat Tops Wilderness Area where a couple was stranded near their Cirrus in two-to-four-foot-tall snow drifts.
How do I say this nicely??? Oh, that's right... BULLSHIT!

Are you frigging kidding me with this load of crap and lies... that AOPA, the default aviation organization that actually promotes aviation safety has fallen for this line of crap!

Or is it worse? Did AOPA simply buy the line of nonsense pushed forth upon them from the Criminal Air Patrol?

Or is it even worse?!?

Mr. George Perry is an employee of AOPA, his job title is that of Senior Vice President of the Air Safety Institute section of AOPA.

He is also a member of the Board of Governors of the Criminal Air Patrol!

In fact, this is exactly the sort of thing that goes to demonstrate, rather clearly, the self licking ice cream cone of corruption!

Why on earth would AOPA publish such a story without doing ANY fact checking? The very fact of American airmen and women depending on truthful stories and factually reasonable information from such an aviation powerhouse - like AOPA - really is being violated by the very organization that relies on just that sort of fiduciary trust.

Did AOPA do ANY fact checking? I can tell you that they did not find the truth in the very Mission Log of the Colorado incident - and isn't it convenient that AOPA runs this story just in time for the Criminal Air Patrol to go to Washington and beg for more money from Congress???

By the way - ask yourself - WHO is going to the National Conference? WHO is paying for it? Who is paying for the travel, meals, hotel, expenses???

It is an even bigger ice cream cone of perpetual corruption than we have been telling you about.

With Perry on the BoG, running lies and nonsense in AOPA publications just prior to the Criminal Air Patrol begging for MORE of OUR tax dollars???

On that note, I am throwing the brown flag of bullshit down... and this has got to stop!

The BoG???:

Well??? From a recent "story" on Volunteer Now...

"The BoG moves CAP forward through collective decision-making to generate strategic policies, plans and programs designed to guide it both today and tomorrow. It is assisted by CAP's national commander and chief executive officer, the organization's chief operating officer and the CAP-U.S. Air Force commander, who act as advisers."

Mmm - OK...

Based on the first line of this statement, the BoG is why the Criminal Air Patrol has "No Vision, no Direction, no Focus, no Mission."

The Criminal Air Patrol does nothing at this point but burn through taxpayer dollars to lie, cheat, and steal credit for things that they either did not do, or that never happened.

Hell, even has nothing to talk about... other than selecting a bag to carry your stuff around in, or what the oldest uniform discussion is... there is nothing happening.

However, did mention that the school programs are pretty much dead on arrival, and they went through why that is. Not too shabby, discussing why the organization is dead from every angle.

Word on the Street has it that a number of investigations into the Criminal Air Patrol are taking place, or spooling up to take place.

Reports of additional issues, additional reports, and additional awareness have been spooling up for a few months now.

The crazy thing is that we have hard evidence, from CAP's records, that the Colorado "save" is a lie... hell, the records themselves prove the lie - they CONTAIN the lie within them!

Then, after CAP Insights blasted them for that, Mark "SCUMBAG" Young, actually dragged a news team with him to steal the glory of a "save" that CAP had nothing to do with.

Here is the lie that CrAPNHQ published on their site - it is still there...
"Civil Air Patrol's National Radar Analysis Team guided searchers Saturday to a Colorado Springs couple and their downed plane in subzero temperatures in a remote area about 32 miles east of Meeker, Colorado."
We proved that they had nothing to do with it... and then Mark "SCUMBAG" Young takes credit for it with a news crew... those are some very large balls! We - frankly - have no idea how Young can walk with a nut sack that big!

Here are the lines from the Mission Log:
"At 46 minutes past the hour, this is what is transmitted to the Mission Log, CH 17-M-0019A 01/07/2017, "Hi Joe, looks like they have spotted wreckage from air: N40 03 W 107 11."
NOT NRAT, NOT the Criminal Air Patrol... nope, "THEY!" They had been the controller, and the pilots recruited to look for the downed aircraft on approach to Eagle.

And, you've seen the news story where Mark "SCUMBAG" Young, on behalf of the NRAT "team" and the CrAPNHQ actually goes to the couple to claim the "save," having NOTHING to do with it at all... mind numbing stuff!

This is Fraud, taking any funding for it is Waste, and Abuse of taxpayer dollars, and likely a crime - but someone else has to push that issue... they likely have a bailout plan for that one!

Still, the Criminal Air Patrol continues to march on, like this is going to wash away... the scumbaggery that has festered into positions of authority in CrAP, and on the BoG, is unique. It will be interesting to see if Congress does ANYTHING about it... or, if the membership actually gets together and votes them all out of office instantly through massive NON RENEWALS of membership.

Renewing in such an incredibly corrupt organization - at this point - really drives home how much of a bad decision that would be... at some point, it just demonstrates the individual members poor choices of association... good luck with that.

Civil Leadership Academy:

by Ray Hayden:

This story sucks, just so you know up front.

I had seen a lot of cadets in the Civil Air Patrol, and a number of them... a good number... had been really sharp, excellent sorts of people, who will probably go on to lead successful lives of substance - I hope they all do.

However, the Civil Leadership Academy, in Washington, D.C., was only able to gather up 24 Cadets from just 19 Wings of the Criminal Air Patrol.

Just thirty eight percent of our nation is represented, and by only 24 Cadets.

Certainly, there are a host of other cadets across the nation who truly worked hard, remained faithful, and yet... they are not even being recognized, and are not attending the Civil Leadership Academy.

The second "suck" part of this story is that these cadets are going to be used and abused as "window dressing" for the Criminal Air Patrol to beg for funds from Washington, D.C.

You know that these kids are going to look sharp in their uniforms while they are paraded around to meet the money brokers who hold the life of the Criminal Air Patrol in their votes for funding.

President Trump seems like the sort of person who dislikes waste... not to mention Fraud, Waste, and Abuse of tax payer funds. You'd think that Congress might want to start cutting the wasteful spending in every single aspect of the Federal Budget.

Well, the Criminal Air Patrol is lying about the total number of members, lying about the REAL number of QUALIFIED members, and QUALIFIED pilots, and all of these folks are too far spread out to be useful for anything other than a local (to them) incident... to which they could not take part in as a CAP member!

No Vision, no Direction, no Focus, no Mission.

We told you so.

From the Field:

Allow us to refresh the LIES from CrAP National HQ (CAPNHQ):

Couple meets colonel who helped save them after plane crash
January 17, 2017

A couple who survived a Jan. 7 plane crash in a remote area of Western Colorado had the chance to meet one of the volunteers credited for saving their lives. Sheri Ford and her husband Russ met with Lt. Col. Mark [SCUMBAG] Young on Monday. He was the incident commander with the Civil Air Patrol's National Radar Analysis team that sorted through radar data to zero in on where the Fords were and guided local search and rescue to the Cirrus SR22 that had crashed near Meeker.

Of course, the truth is that Mark SCUMBAG Young, STOLE credit for the incident, because the Aircraft had already been found by Randy Coursolle, who was assisting the Area Controller - who had been asking other aircraft in the area to lend a hand and look for the missing aircraft... Mr. Coursolle was the pilot who found them!

We would just LOVE it if Mr. and Mrs. Ford took a few minutes to drop us an email on this incident, and let us know how they feel now, KNOWING that Mark SCUMBAG Young was really STEALING HONOR from the real heroes that day.

Then, NRAT, and Mark SCUMBAG Young STOLE HONOR for something they NEVER did... never had the chance to do... bringing DISHONOR on themselves, CrAP, and the United States Air Force as part of the "Total Farce," and even Congress (who own CrAP).

This story still exists on the Criminal Air Patrol website, here is the URL for it:

After this lie, the "NRAT Team" falsely claimed two more finds in Alaska... these did not happen, "NRAT" (nice that "RAT" is part of their name!) did not have ANYTHING to do with any of these three incidents.

Right now, the Criminal Air Patrol is in Washington, D.C. to beg for money so that they can piss it away on more parties and pretend honor for incidents that never took place, or the Criminal Air Patrol never had anything to do with... because OTHER people already stepped up to the plate and got the job done!

The word on the street is that the Criminal Air Patrol NHQ folks have dropped quite a bit of fruit in their looms, if you catch the meaning...

Why? Glad you asked!

The Criminal Air Patrol currently has less than ten thousand QUALIFIED members to participate in any scenario if needed. The Criminal Air Patrol also has less that ONE thousand QUALIFIED pilots. In BOTH cases, all of these folks are too far flung to be of any real use to anyone in the case of an emergency, unless they trip over it!

The word on the street is that the Criminal Air Patrol is actually fearful that Congress will discover the lies (crimes? Fraud, Waste, Abuse) of CrAP, and actually put the nail in the coffin themselves... we'll see...

Cookouts, Parties, Stolen Valor, Fake Accomplishments... MILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS... wasted on the Criminal Air Patrol... and yet, they are currently begging for more.

Other words from the field are that the Air Force is considering halving the number of aircraft in the CrAP fleet by the end of 2018...

How many millions of dollars is THAT going to cost?

The lies continue, the self licking ice cream cone of corruption marches on... like no one suspects... and yet we continue to shine the light on the Criminal Air Patrol... and we are not alone!

This is the Shining Example of what CrAP has Become:

by Ray Hayden:

CAP Insights now has the Flight Track and time of the ACTUAL "hero" who found the Cirrus aircraft in Colorado on Saturday, 7 January 2017.

NOTE: Why is "hero " in quotes? Glad you asked!

The fact is, as it has always been, TRUE Heroes deny it, they do not drive more than four hours to STEAL credit for being a hero... no, they actually sidestep the title, and offer it to someone else who THEY thought of as a hero!

In this case, Randy Coursolle denies that he is any sort of hero, and actually informs us that the real hero is the air traffic controller, "the controller working that area was the real hero, his name was Morgan, operating initials MF, he was asking corporate jets to please delay their approach and look around for this guy that had broadcast his position on 121.5 as 30 miles East of Meeker."

Now folks... THAT is the true definition of someone who was a HERO for someone else that day! A controller working to find the aircraft with the assistance of some number of additional aircraft flying into Eagle that day... all of them HEROES, but Randy Coursolle was the one who found the needle in the mountains... and like any other REAL hero... he sidestepped the credit and instantly gave credit to the controller who was searching for the Cirrus.

The following is what has happened to YOUR Criminal Air Patrol today... it has become a group of drooling retards who wish to look like pretend brave... "Everyday Hero." The longer anyone of any value stays in CAP at this point... the more they demonstrate their complete and total uselessness to the betterment of society.

Your mileage will not vary!

Keep reading...

You couldn't stop if you wanted to at this point!

We already had the news story and the phone conversation from that.

We also have the Official Mission Log of the lies told by the Criminal Air Patrol, but allow us to post it here... in brief, just in case you missed it:
BEFORE NRAT could do anything... here is a transcript from the Civil Air Patrol internal reports.

At 24 minutes past the hour, John Henderson of the Civil Air Patrol "team" that tries to find aircraft using these flight tracks comes online to the "Mission Log."

At 35 minutes past the hour, Mark Young comes online - no work is begun yet. - This is the scumbag who actually had the huge balls to go and personally STEAL credit and fake honor from the REAL heroes!

At 36 minutes past the hour, Mark Keene comes online.

At 37 minutes past the hour, Joe Ashworth comes online - these folks seem to be disperse, which is fine, but they are coming online, and have done nothing.

At 43 minutes past the hour, Joe Berry comes online... still, nothing has been accomplished in finding the aircraft.

At 45 minutes past the hour, the AFRCC (Air Force Rescue and Coordination Center) comes online.

At 46 minutes past the hour, this is what is transmitted to the Mission Log, CH 17-M-0019A 01/07/2017, "Hi Joe, looks like they have spotted wreckage from air: N40 03 W 107 11.

Between then and 55 minutes after the hour, they are working on the location that Randy Coursolle provided, and they state the following:
Mark Keene, "John, what do you think about the track at 40.039513-107-197662 @ 16:51:28"

John Henderson, "That should be him; he ends where they have spotted wreckage."
The first thing that pisses me off to no end is that this group of fake heroes actually took credit for saving the lives of those folks in the aircraft that Randy Coursolle found.

What REALLY set me off is that Mark Young actually DROVE more than FOUR hours with a news crew on hand to go and MEET the people that Randy Coursolle flew around, to let them know they had been spotted... and take credit PERSONALLY. Mark "Scumbag" Young showed up in the Civil Air Patrol uniform, which, to the untrained person, LOOKS like a "real" Air Force Uniform... here is that news video...

9 News Video.
Not long after that, the same folks stole credit for finding two aircraft in Alaska... that they never did!

It is continuous lies, corruption, and stolen valor on the part of the Criminal Air Patrol, in the effort to continue to receive government funds for a mission that they no longer are capable of doing.

It is beyond pathetic that these scumbags stole credit from Randy Coursolle's successful efforts, then used Coursolle's data to steal credit for themselves.

It is even worse that the Criminal Air Patrol, CAP-USAF, the United States Air Force, the Department of Defense, and the United States Congress allows this sort of thing to happen.

The Criminal Air Patrol is FUNDED by OUR tax dollars... they are STEALING our money for their travel and parties, and then STEALING credit from the real heroes who got the job done... and they have been doing it for decades!

At this point, CAP Insights has a new opinion of anyone who even thinks about renewing in the Criminal Air Patrol...

Welcome to your new level of low.

To renew in such an organization - one that we have been reporting about for over ten years now - and we proved it, time and time again... well... that makes you quite stupid... and you can't fix stupid.

Writing is on the Internet Wall:

by Ray Hayden:

However, none of this is directly from CAP Insights. All of it is on the Internet... and what, exactly, is it that I refer to?

Well, that's the funny thing, isn't it?

Nothing... absolutely nothing!

The "leadership" of the Criminal Air Patrol has rather completely damaged the faith of the die hard members to the point that I, and you can feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong here... I am not seeing anyone come to the defense of the organization any more at this point.

I used to see a number of postings on various "lost souls found the CAP God" sites that would cry, whine, and complain about how wonderful CAP is, how great it is to be a hero, how fantastic everything is in CAPLand... but I am not seeing it anymore.

What I am seeing, and again, do feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong here, is that even those who would be considered the most die hard CAP lovers of all time, have - finally - begun to see the light, shake off the effects of the "Coolio-Aid," and come to the realization that if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it may very well actually be... a duck.

The circle of logical reasoning is now complete. Even the most hard core, the most blind of the blind, can now see, and they are realizing that what we all - it wasn't just CAP Insights! - have been sharing and reporting is the truth.

CAP Insights was only ever meant to shine the light on the "leadership" of the Civil Air Patrol, our intent was for the General Membership to collectively get their own heads out of their asses, and take control of the organization... and make it great again (couldn't resist!).

That would have required a massive reworking of the entire organization... NOT the Phoenix Solution... that came later on, when the massive reworking was beyond being feasible any longer.

However, the Phoenix Solution needs to take place while there is still something left to save... anything, but the problem at hand now is that the "leadership," from CAP, the BoG, and CAP-USAF, have all failed the Civil Air Patrol completely... to the extent that even the Phoenix Solution cannot save the Criminal Air Patrol from what it has become.

CAP is already dead... new folks are leaving before they get trapped in the embarrassment of having joined in the first place, other new folks are letting their memberships die a painful death, and even old timers are seeing the writing on the Internet Wall... CAP is already dead... and there is NOTHING that can be done to save it at this point.

CAP has become nothing but honor stealing wannabe fakes who steal the glory of people for things that CAP never even did, even tricking news agencies to follow them to go face to face to people that CAP never did anything for... and CAP, or anyone else can expect any member to renew their membership in such a despicable organization that is based completely on lies, grandstanding, and falsified glory?


There are less than ten thousand "Qualified" personnel in CAP to respond to anything as part of CAP, there are less than one thousand pilots "Qualified" to do anything in an aircraft with CAP. Any of these folks are too far spread out to be effective in any way, shape, or form.

To anyone, anywhere.

No, no one is coming to the aid of CAP these days. No one is left to defend CAP's "leadership" lies and corruption... the truth is slow, but the truth does come out... people will feel stupid, used, abused, but do not... it will pass soon enough.

The sad part of it all is that CAP COULD have been part of something great... CAP COULD have done something about it... I wrote a report about changes that had to take place - CAP actually put SOME of that into play, but the rest? Too little, too late.

At this stage of the game, beyond the capability of The Phoenix Solution that COULD have saved CAP a few years ago, there is nothing left to do but watch the dying embers of a once (a very long time ago) respected organization... forever lost to the greed, corruption, and flat out stupidity of pretend glory stealing heroes who did nothing but lie to lay claim to their fake awards.

CAP is Losing Support from Membership:

by Ray Hayden:

This is a snippet from a post on
"That's the only way CAP is going to fix the churn, less sizzle and more steak - people want the steak, and they don't mind working for it.

Unfortunately, CAP is already so far down the road, that the fix, like most fire-fighting, is going to require some destruction and further attrition before things are righted.

The sooner the better, and the longer it waits, the more things burn."
This snippet of a longer post is apparently in respect to recruiting and retention, but that is not what that thread was actually all about. The point is that several comments went back and forth, and in one of the replies, this snippet was part of a reply.

The real meat in this post is that, it mirrors a statement that we have been suggesting for close to a decade...

The Phoenix Solution.

Unfortunately... it is far too late for that now... the burning and churning taking place in the Civil Air Patrol now is just the painfully slow death spiral of a once respected organization that has nothing left to do but steal credit for things that they did not even do!

And no one wants to be a part of that sort of organization, do they?

Another "WTF" Headline from CAPNHQ!:

by Ray Hayden:

Just glancing around at what CAP folks might be jawin' about around the InterTubes, and I find a headline from CAPNHQ. I think you will like it, and I wonder how many other folks actually saw it?

The truly funny thing about the headline is... that's all it is!

From CAP Volunteer Now, "CAP Air Force - assigned missions on the rise."

That is all folks... there is no story, and we all know this is a line of bullshit. All of the real stories, backed up with cold hard facts from MEMBERS on the ground, and in the field, clearly demonstrate that CAP is LOSING missions hand over fist, and yet, the Criminal Air Patrol National Headquarters office publishes this lie about missions... again, with absolutely no transparency in any way, shape, or form... and not even a story to back up the lie they cannot back up!

CAP has always tried to make greater claims of glory as to what they ever did in any incident... clawing their way to the bottom of the dung heap with lies of grand missions of national importance, when - in fact - all CAP did, was get in the way... and it is becoming more and more clear to the remaining members of the organization every day.

But to publish just the singular statement that CAP is getting ANY more missions from the Air Force is a fart in a windstorm, something stunk... and now it is gone.

When I wrote my report, one of the very things I said that had to stop, was pissing away of taxpayer and membership funds on parties and rewards for folks that don't do anything but stab people in the back, and steal credit for things they either never did, or events that never even happened.

The recent claims to fame from NRAT folks is the real bold icing on the cake... but to actually show up at someone's location, and introduce yourself as their saviour, when we have the official report outlining your lie??? Wow... just wow.

This is not just CAPNHQ... at this point, it actually pulls in the BoG, who is directly responsible for the misbehavior of the scumbags in positions of "authority" in CAP today.

Hell, even Courter is hanging back from CAP at this point... even the rats know when the ship is sinking!

What Remains in CAP Today (Mostly):

by Ray Hayden:

The Civil Air Patrol is continuously losing people... when you lose all of the quality people, you have few choices on who is left, still qualified to do anything, for missions that no longer exist.

Then you find a plethora of stupid people.

These are the Drooling Retards who flow into the Civil Air Patrol, or are remnants of glory days of old... who never had been worth a damn - but hope for their day to bask in the sun... fun to watch kind of folks.

You find many of them on some CAP stroked "discussion" board that is singularly focused on uniforms and qualifying for non existent missions... of glory days gone by.

CAP had the opportunity to jump all over STEM projects and move forward with making things happen via the Aerospace Education aspects of the organization... yet we all got to watch that prime opportunity slip right on past CAP.

What remains in the Civil Air Patrol consists of a number of groups. Let's take a look see...
1) Dedicated and Hopeful Professionals. These folks are the last of those who could invest quality effort, if anyone in any real position of authority pulled their heads out of their asses and took action to make anything happen. Painfully, these folks are falling away from CAP over time... simply fading away.

2) Good and Decent People, who just know how to get things done, and they hide in units that actually are active, but these people, and actually active units, are also dwindling.

3) The Drooling Retards, the largest group. These folks are never actually available to do anything, and are not actually needed - like "NRAT." You can probably spot them by their ability to barf up regulations and knowledge that is often flawed - if not dead wrong, and sniffing around for some sort of uniform bling to give themselves some sort of artificial self value.

Sadly, they are everywhere... and they are killing CAP, as more and more quality people come into - and out of - the revolving door of CrAP.

4) New Blood! This is a very large number of folks. If the Civil Air Patrol was worth a damn, you'd see a lot of highly qualified, and motivated, Lt Col's all over the place... you do not. Why?

If you have to think about that, you are either one of the New Bloods, or one of the Drooling Retards.
Because the morons make up the largest part of the group, they bring down the whole of the organization. They also tend to fester into positions of "authority," and make the Civil Air Patrol suck all that much more!

The New Bloods who leave are about the smartest group. They got lied to in order to join, and once they got in, the ones who renew that one time, only did so because they actually DID get into a nice group with some initial action (training of some sort) taking place, but then... the vacuum of nothingness takes hold. They only renewed for the lie (false promise) of something being on the horizon... some new program or opportunity that never quite happens... fool them once, shame on them, when they see the light, they simply stop showing up, not even asking for a partial refund of the dues they paid.

Of this group, SOME of them stay two to three years. Of those folks, they MADE things happen, but hit the road block of Drooling Retards and corrupt "leadership." Once the light was bright enough, they see it too... and they leave as well.

If you question WHY, or HOW, the Criminal Air Patrol is losing so many qualified folks... you are one of the Drooling Retards. This is actually the politically correct term for those folks, because they are so... well... "the roads are paved with flat, indecisive squirrels."

Is the Criminal Air Patrol Imploding?:

By Ray Hayden, with Input From the Field:

It has come to our attention that CAP members are actually seeking to know the truth about the organization that they give their time and money to.

More and more, they are being punished for trying to inquire as to the reality of the Criminal Air Patrol.

The process used by the self licking ice cream cone of corruption, is to use Intimidation, Isolation, and Time... it works so well, they just can't get enough of it!

The folks higher up the food chain get word of someone looking for answers. That person, maybe someone you know, is instantly hit with Intimidation tactics. This sets them off balance, those who recover and ask again are hit with Isolation (suspended or even hit with a 2b). This effectively stops all continued effort on that members part. All that is needed now... is to wait it out with Time.

Used since Anderson's time, evolved under Pineda, mastered by Courter, and made even more potent today, it simply works.

The down side to this, of course, is that as other CAP members also seek to know the truth, the truth is discovered, people share the information, and the word gets out... CAP could hide this information in the old days... but it is more and more difficult to hide the lies told every single day by CAPNHQ.

The fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption of the Criminal Air Patrol is becoming more and more well known throughout the organization by folks who would simply not believe... refused to believe... thought they knew better... how's that working out for you?

Here is the point, from lower on this very page... it doesn't change... prove us wrong...

Vision, Direction, Focus, Mission:

By Ray Hayden:

I wrote this years ago... nothing has changed. What the organization requires is:
Solid Direction (they still don't have that),

Clear Focus (without direction, there can be no focus) and,

A New Mission (because the missions of old are long dead and gone - done far more effectively by personnel who are - frankly - better suited to get the job done).
You cannot have a mission without clear focus coming from solid direction.

All of this stems from the same problem, Lack of Vision.

Currently, the Civil Air Patrol has no Vision, no Direction, no Focus, no Mission... no purpose.
Every day, more and more, it becomes clearer to CAP members across the nation... the Criminal Air Patrol is indeed a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, and they no longer serve a purpose, because they have no Vision, no Direction, and no Focus.

Feel free to drop us a line with ANY proof otherwise... good luck with that.

NRAT Steals More Valor! - That Didn't Take Long!:

by Ray Hayden:

Here is the REAL story, from Author Chris Klint:

3 From Plane Overdue...

And here is the bullshit lie told by CAPNHQ:

Lt Col Mark "Scumbag" Young, NRAT, and LIES!

Here is the deal, it was predicted, From the Field, that NRAT would try to steal the glory... and here is the prediction we got yesterday, "A story to watch to see if the N-"RAT's" take the credit again. ELT signals were picked up by others before CAP got called as noted in the story."

CAPNHQ has to be made to answer for why they are allowing, and continuing this series of lies, and stealing credit for work they never even got to do!

Here is part of the initial story, the Civil Air Patrol - from what we can tell - never launched an aircraft, and the NRAT "team" never even set up to do anything by the time the aircraft was found.
Authors: Chris Klint, Jerzy Shedlock

Alaska Air National Guard spokesman Staff Sgt. Edward Eagerton.

Eagerton said initial reports of the aircraft and its three overdue occupants coming in to the Anchorage-based Rescue Coordination Center at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson were soon followed by calls indicating an emergency locator transmitter signal in the region.

"Within the hour, they also started receiving airborne reports of an ELT — planes flying however far above reported that they were picking up an ELT signal," Eagerton said.

Two HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter crews responded Sunday night but were unable to find the transmitter's radio signal. Eagerton said it came from an older 121.5 MHz transmitter, which must be homed in on by search aircraft, rather than a newer 406 MHz model that sends an exact location to satellites.

As a result, Eagerton said, Monday's search area was "pretty much between here to Kenai."

Monday's search assets included two more HH-60 crews, Eagerton said. The U.S. Coast Guard sent its own helicopter to aid in the search, Eagerton said.
The Civil Air Patrol is NEVER, not ONCE, identified as actually doing ANYTHING... and yet, they STEAL the credit for it from every source that actually DID save these three folks!

Do you still wonder why the Criminal Air Patrol even exists?

CAP's Pilot Shortage - Part Deux:

by Ray Hayden:

With assistance from a post at, "Surley Monkey."

In a "sonuvabitch" moment, a flashback to OPSec video comes rushing to mind... kind of like loose lips sink ships sort of thing.

But rather than some expert group of spies, you get me, a simple law student who gives not one real shit of how bad CAP fucks themselves over (continuously).

This is a two part bit of data, and I think the first one came from News of the Force. Let me see if I can't find the snippet that I got in regard to this story...

"Sources also say the Air Force will cut the CAP's airplane fleet by half. These actions, the sources say, will happen in 2018."

That snippet is from News of the Force.

Now, on the pilot shortage in general, it is very real, not just in CAP, but across the board... so CAP is GOING to have a shortage of pilots no matter how you slice that.

Looking over the points:
1) CAP has been continuing to lose missions.

2) CAP has a shortage of pilots already.

3) CAPNHQ has already informed members that there is no funding for a variety of things, including computers.

4) CAPNHQ sends out the Survey Monkey survey on using member owned aircraft (which they stopped doing due to insurance issues if memory serves me correctly).

5) The USAF reportedly is planning on cutting CAP's aircraft fleet in half by 2018.
It all seems rather obvious... but I admit, I missed it - hell, I blew it all off as nothing... but when you look at recent events... and then see that CAP is using NRAT (who doesn't use CAP aircraft at all) to STEAL the glory of a civilian pilot in Colorado and other places... well, it kind of ties it all up in a nice little bow, doesn't it.

That would be Lt Col Mark "Scumbag" Young.

If you know anything different, feel free to drop me a line about it... but it sure looks like CAP is on the chopping block.

Lt Col Mark "Scumbag" Young, Stolen Valor, and the NRAT "Team":

by Ray Hayden:

I have gone ahead and helped out the Criminal Air Patrol with their efforts to come clean about the scumbags who are trying to steal credit for an incident that they had NOTHING to do with in regard to any sort of "save."

One station, correctly reported that Randy Coursolle was flying in the area where the SR22 was located, volunteered to look for the aircraft, FOUND the aircraft, did a low fly-by to let the passengers KNOW they had been found, and then climbed up to altitude to inform ATC of the EXACT location of the aircraft.

Another station, as outlined below, actually assisted Lt Col Mark "Scumbag" Young in his continued attempt to steal credit and glory for Randy Coursolle's actions in FINDING the SR22 aircraft and letting ATC know EXACTLY where it was, so that rescue could take place before NRAT folks had the chance to do ANYTHING.

I have contacted BOTH stations and informed them of what happened, given them each others stories, and cleared up the fact that Criminal Air Patrol folks have a demonstrated history of stealing glory for things they do not do, or never have done... or, in one case, for accidents that never even took place!

The station that reported it incorrectly has been in contact with me... I will be interested in seeing if either station actually cares about following up at length.

Be assured, however, that my reporting of it here is being seen from people who should know about the false reporting of claimed saves and finds.

It will be interesting to see if even the Criminal Air Patrol - or the United States Air Force - actually steps up to do anything about the lies and deceit being perpetrated by these lowest of the low.

Holy Shit, Lt Col Mark Young has HUGE Balls!:

by Ray Hayden:

This lying sack of scum sucking shit actually drove HOURS to go and STEAL credit for a plane crash in Colorado that was FOUND before the Criminal Air Patrol even got set up to do a good God damned thing!

A CIVILIAN Pilot had found the aircraft and reported the EXACT location of the aircraft to Air Traffic Control.

Lt Col Mark Young not only STOLE credit for a DISTRESS call, but TWO lives saved... and he stole that credit for the NRAT "team!"

We have the rock solid PROOF that these scumbags had not even got set up to do ANYTHING to save ANYONE, ANYWHERE, because THEY acknowledge from the AIR FORCE that the aircraft had been FOUND.

The "report" of the "find" is nothing more than the confirmation that the CIVILIAN personnel who had ALREADY been enroute had been doing exactly that... going to pick up the pilot and passenger from the down aircraft.

What REALLY blows this out of all proportion - far above and beyond the Pineda and Crew Medal of Valor SCAM is that this scumbag actually went to the people - driving for "more than four hours!!!!" to go and STEAL the credit from Randy Coursolle, the ACTUAL person who found the EXACT location of the aircraft.


Is there any thought as to WHY the USAF is FINALLY pulling the plug on the Criminal Air Patrol? Really???

Civil Air Patrol's Pilot Shortage:

by Ray Hayden:

It is actually no secret that the Civil Air Patrol is suffering a pilot shortage. Lack of missions, lack of any real leadership, and continued abuse of members by those who fester into positions of "authority," continues to bleed qualified members, including pilots.

The rough guesstimate of actual mission qualified pilots is less than 1,500 nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. However, the painfully honest estimate is actually below one thousand.

Even when packed with pilots, and there being missions, CAP had to depend on a pilot actually being available when the call came down to go fly and perform a mission. Even with a lot of available and qualified pilots, there was no guarantee that a pilot would be available.

Take away most of the missions, treat people like crap, and you have the drought of mission qualified pilots in the CAP that exists today. A pilot wants to fly, if there is no need for them to fly, nothing to do, most will just clip their own wings and perch on the ground until some purpose to fly arises - if it ever does. If they can find a purpose outside of CAP, they will do that instead.

As far as fully qualified ground teams go, it is the same deal. Unless there is a purpose, a mission, a reason to go out and train, fully qualified ground team members will find other organizations with which to volunteer, and probably a local CERT team.

No one has ever questioned our estimates on numbers, we never wondered why... for someone to say that CAP Insights has it wrong, they have to back it up with transparent numbers... and they just cannot afford to do that, can they?

Colorado LIES!:

From the Field:

We now have the unmistakable actual "smoking gun" truth that the highly vaunted and self aggrandized "CAP National Radar Analysis Team" or "NRAT," as well as the CAP I.C in charge of the 7 Jan 2017 Colorado Rescue Mission, lied - and committed an act of "Stolen Valor" - by stating his team should be credited with a "distress find" and "2 Saves".

How do we know this? Let's just say we have rock solid indisputable proof of this.

Further, if anyone at NHQ - CAP, or even CAP-USAF thinks this reporting is not 100% accurate, we invite them to publish their facts and prove us wrong. Of course, this will NEVER happen because, as we stated, we have rock solid and independently verifiable proof of this!

Even BEFORE the CAP - National Radar Analysis Team (NRAT) had started to think about using radar forensics to find the crash...the crash was ALREADY FOUND!

An intrepid civilian aviator, Randy Coursolle, was just passing by, found the crash site, was orbiting overhead for quite a long time, and reporting the actual crash coordinates to the FAA and thus AFRCC.

Further, Randy Coursolle was also reporting weather conditions, snow depth, crash survivor numbers and conditions, all WELL BEFORE the NRAT and Incident Commander had a chance to even begin to play the radar forensics game.

AFRCC had all the needed data in hand to affect a rescue totally without any additional (very late and inconsequential indeed) help from the CAP and the NRAT.

In fact, the NRAT used the actual known crash coordinates, as reported by our friendly civilian pilot Randy Coursolle, to "reverse engineer" the track extrapolation by starting to look for tracks that ended at the last know position / crash site for our unlucky Cirrus mishap crew.

The civilian rescue helos were airborne busily ferrying rescuers and survivors to / from the crash site and the hospital about a full 10 minutes before the IC proudly announced that he should have the radar derived crash location figured out in just a few more minutes.

Not surprisingly, the CAP NRAT, using the actual crash site as a starting reference to conduct radar forensics, finally figured out the actual crash site was less than 1 NM away from where the last radar hit occurred.


Is that cause for celebration? Finding the obvious after it had already been found? And announcing the obvious after all the survivors were already rescued?

The real surprise, however, is what happened next. The CAP Incident Commander (I.C.) is claiming a distress find and 2 saves.


The outcome would have been identical if CAP was not even there. In fact, there is not one SINGLE tangible piece of information that CAP provided that enhanced this wholly civilian-run and civilian-led and civilian executed rescue.

Is this what CAP has become...a group of hyper-inflated blow-hards who claim their belated services were instrumental, when - in fact, they were totally meaningless and superfluous.

Are certain CAP members so desperate to "make our stats look good so far this year" that they will stoop to falsifying official government and AFRCC records to "claim" unearned credit for "finds" and "saves" just so they can pat each other on the backs? Wear an extra ribbon at the next CAP conference? Justify budgetary numbers perhaps?

Sad. Distressing. Troubling. Disconcerting. But...not SURPRISING!

This stains and tarnishes all of the really hardworking and dedicated CAP members who believe in our core values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect.

Perhaps our National CAP Leadership, or our CAP-USAF actual commissioned Officers, will prevent a travesty in this situation by ensuring that true credit for "distress finds" and "saves" are awarded appropriately and only when actually earned and warranted.

In fact, if our CAP leadership and CAP-USAF Officers really wish to make a huge public affairs splash, they will seek out and provide awards to our civilian pilot Randy Coursolle, who did the real and true heavy lifting on this rescue effort, by finding the crash - and remaining overhead to relay time-critical and mission essential data to the FAA and thus AFRCC and the civilian rescue helos.

We are waiting and watching to see if the right folks step up and truly lead...but none of us is holding their breath.


CAP's Stolen Valor in Colorado:

From the Field:

The CAP official headline claims:


For the CAP radar team to claim that they "guided searchers to downed plane" and then the "Colo. couple [was] rescued after..." implies several things must have happened PRIOR to civilian medevac helo rescuers picking up the couple and transporting them to the hospital. Did it really happen this way???

Apparently not.

Here are some questions that must be asked with satisfactory answers given BEFORE CAP can make any of the claims they make in their headline.
1. The actual crash evidently happened just prior to 10:24 am. "Around 10:24 a.m., the Federal Aviation Administration contacted the Rio Blanco County Sheriff's Office, saying a plane crashed 32 miles east of Meeker."

2. If the crash happened around 10:24 AM, when did AFRCC become aware of this crash. What time EXACTLY. (Evidently...around Noon time)(That is a full 1 hour and 26 minutes after the crash.)

3. A civilian pilot who happened to be flying in the area at that time, Randy Coursolle, says he was flying from Las Vegas towards Eagle when he heard about the situation over Air Traffic Control. Coursolle says he offered to help locate the aircraft and that "I made a low pass to see if I could see any people. I wanted them to know they had been found," he explained. "And after I made that low pass, I climbed to an altitude I could talk to air traffic control again and gave them exact position."

4. It would appear that civilian pilot Randy Coursolle actually "FOUND" the aircraft and considerably before 12 Noon when CAP claims to have been activated.

5. What time exactly did AFRCC notify the Colorado wing. Mission Number? "Apparently this was "at Noon" but that is a pretty wide time window. For CAP to make the claims they do, this notification would have to be proved to have occurred well before pilot Randy Coursolle radioed in the exact coordinates of the crash site to the FAA.

6. What time did the Colorado Wing establish the acting CAP I.C. officially with AFRCC. It must have been past Noon, as AFRCC didn't notify anyone in Colorado Wing until "Noon" as claimed by CAP. Was this time AFTER civilian pilot Randy Coursolle radioed in the exact coordinates to the FAA?

7. When did the I.C. start the ball rolling with the "Radar Team"? This would have had to occur at some time after "Noon" or there-a-bouts.

8. The I.C., Lt Col Mark Young, states "Only an hour and 47 minutes elapsed between the time the team was notified and the couple was hospitalized." Since the couple was hospitalized shortly after 1:50 PM when two civilian medevac helicopters picked them up, this gives CAP members very little time to have accomplished anything meaningful.

9. Of course, the actual rescue was performed by two civilian medevac helicopters with no mention of CAP help nor involvement.

10. Again, CAP must be able to PROVE they started analyzing radar track information just after Noon and determined the crash coordinates WELL BEFORE civilian pilot Randy Coursolle radioed in the exact coordinates of the crash site to the FAA.
Can CAP prove this? Will CAP prove this? Or will CAP once again prove themselves to be hyper-inflated blow-hards who claim their belated services were instrumental when in fact they were totally meaningless and superfluous to this wholly civilian-run and civilian-led and civilian executed rescue?

Civil Air Patrol STEALS VALOR???:

by Ray Hayden:

Special thanks to those posting on, which is what made me search this out.

You tell me what is going on here... it looks like the Civil Air Patrol is calling Randy a liar, in stealing the valor for his rescue effort, which is what seems to be what really saved this couple!

NBC 11 News Video.

NBC 11 News Story by, By Jay Greene, Makenzie O'Keefe | Posted: Sat 1:48 PM, Jan 07, 2017 | Updated: Sat 11:03 PM, Jan 07, 2017.

This is the ONLY credit that CAP gives to the REAL NON CAP pilot who actually FOUND the aircraft:
"A plane diverted to the radar coordinates spotted the downed Cirrus and the couple outside the plane. The temperature was reported to be 18 below zero, with 2-4 feet of snow on the ground."

Then, CAP followed up with this:

Lt. Col. Mark Young, incident commander for the mission as well as a CAP radar team member and assistant director of operations for the Colorado Wing, said the team nailed down the crashed plane's location within five to 10 minutes. Only an hour and 47 minutes elapsed between the time the team was notified and the time the couple were hospitalized, Young said.

He attributed the mission's success to effective planning: "We set up a unified command with the county sheriffs, AFRCC and all of the emergency service providers, allowing us to make suggestions and immediately run with them.

"It was an awesome team effort by team Colorado and the National Radar Analysis Team with their quick work," he said. "NRAT's Google Earth file showed the radar track and where the airplane went down; it was emailed, so everyone had a copy and could see three-dimensionally the path the aircraft took and what the terrain was like.

"It was of tremendous value to the first responders."

The radar team has participated in seven missions this year, successfully tracking its target each time.

The unified command set up among all the involved agencies coordinated on a conference call that stayed online for the entire mission.
To me, and you are free to your own opinion, that looks like a lot of theft going on! Nearly complete bullshit.

If there is more to the story, I'd LOVE to hear it, but other than that, NBC 11 seems to have it right, with no mention at all of CAP doing anything!

Plane stops talking, other plane in the air looks, sees it, reports its exact location... no charge! And isn't THAT the way it's done?!?

Here is the text version of the story from NBC 11 News, from the link above.
GARFIELD COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The Garfield County and Rio Blacno County sheriff's offices were investigating a plane crash Saturday afternoon.

By Jay Greene, Makenzie O'Keefe | Posted: Sat 1:48 PM, Jan 07, 2017 | Updated: Sat 11:03 PM, Jan 07, 2017

Around 10:24 a.m., the Federal Aviation Administration contacted the Rio Blanco County Sheriff's Office, saying a plane crashed 32 miles east of Meeker.

Around 12:15 p.m., the Garfield County Sheriff's was contacted to assist with the crash.

"Initial report had two parties in the plane alive and talking with other aircraft in the area," the Garfield County officials said in a press release.

We spoke to a pilot who says he helped locate the downed plane.

Randy Coursolle says he was flying from Las Vegas towards Eagle when he heard about the situation over Air Traffic Control.

Coursolle says he offered to help locate the aircraft.

"I made a very low pass to see if I could see any people. I wanted them to know they had been found," he explained. "And after I made that low pass, I climbed to an altitude I could talk to air traffic control again and gave them exact position."

By 1:50 p.m., officials said a helicopter picked up the people, and no one else was on board.
I don't see the Civil Air Patrol mentioned ONCE in that story, is the Civil Air Patrol saying that Randy is a liar??? Defamation and stolen valor in one fell swoop??? I would expect nothing less from the Criminal Air Patrol.

CAP's Membership Vanishing Before Your Eyes!:

by Ray Hayden:

CAP actually publishes a number of numbers (fun to say that...) in regard to Membership Numbers. All of them lack any proof of a real number of ACTUAL members. People who toss money in the kitty every year to wear a uniform and eat a crappy dinner at some banquet don't really count.

However, from CAP OFFICIAL publications, we have some of the following numbers.

OVER 64,000 members! Stated in CAP Volunteer Now (7 December 2016).

MORE THAN 58,000 members, on their Facebook page (21 December 2016).

Approx. 56,000 members, CAP Data Sheet, page 1.

According to Amelia S. "Amy" Courter, CAP had over 64,000 members when she was the commander. Today, in official documentation from the Civil Air Patrol, that number has nose dived to "approx. 56,000" members.

The reality is that the numbers are FAR less than that.

What is worse is that, back when Amelia S. "Amy" Courter claimed she would provide a host of transparency to the membership, that never happened... but it has yet to happen to this day.

Courter touted STEM - never happened. Technology removed CAP from SAR on any realistic rate, and downed aircraft can be found in a matter of minutes with the signal from the aircraft, and all the data required to send someone directly to the location.

From the Field:

An Update From the Field:

Amy Courter spends an inordinate amount of time promoting herself.

Things recently got out of hand when she described herself in a defense publication as a "retired Air Force major general."

The resulting uproar at CAP and USAF triggered a hasty retraction.

Courter also bills herself as a superstar in the information technology scene in the greater Detroit area. Her track record indicates otherwise:
2005: Courter is fired "separated" from Valassis Corporation. Her bogus cover story afterwards was that she was "taking a sabbatical."

2011: Courter is hired at VisionIT. Didn't last long.

2014: Courter is hired at YoungSoft Inc. Didn't last long.

2015: Courter is hired at Dynamic Computer Corporation. Didn't last long.
While Amy Courter is unemployed again, the online photographic evidence would suggest that she is still getting more than enough to eat.

END of UPDATE from the Field...

Courter has an undeniable gift for gab, but the skilled listener can see right through her. The truth about Courter is not pretty... quite like the image of her on the cover of the CAP magazine when she became national commander... Skinny Amy was on the cover... fat Amy was displayed on the photo shoot inside!

Did fat Amy eat skinny Amy? We think not, we think that she directed people to publish the lie in your face, and most of you bought it without question... just like her promise for transparency and change, and how is that working out for you?

That sort of obvious "lie," is just the point we are making about Courter.

Her recent string of short term jobs demonstrates that she continues to operate in such a way that is only successful once someone festers into positions of "authority" in government, or quasi-government organizations... like CAP.

Don't think Courter is gone... she festers outside of CAP, seeking her opportunity to strike again... we told you so.

Vasquez, Myrick, Verret, and Vest - oh my!:

It is like Amelia S. "Amy" Courter never left. Her second generation personal "PAL," and a series of puppets all in line with Amy's hand clearly up their rear ends.

The people at "the top" of the organization are some of the absolute last folks who should ever be there... and yet... there they are.

Verret and Vest are on the BoG, so that explains much, and since these two "fine folks" owe a ton of favors to Amelia S. "Amy" Courter, it is almost a surprise that she was not simply appointed as the COO of CrAP.

Let's forget them, if we only could, for now, and look at the COO, Salvador.

No problem, per se, with him. In fact, it appears as though he was a deer, caught in the headlights, and is being sentenced to some period of time in the pure hell of CrAP.

With the people who festered this high into the organization... CAP members are... oh, how to say this in a politically correct, ass kissy way, as to not offend some poor virgins ears (or eyes)??? Oh, got it! The General Membership of CAP is fucked!

That is about as sugar sweet as we can stand to make it.

Let's go back to Salvador for a second.

Salvador is also screwed, we can only wonder why he took that slot... and for him, it is probably going to suck, because the scumbags he is going to have to deal with are nothing but self dealing, uniform wearing, wannabe heroes.

With the very tippy top of the organization chock full of CrAP, it almost goes to demonstrate that the future is sealed.

CAP has already watched the STEM ship sail away without them, they do nothing but watch missions vanish, and when they DO actually score a mission worthwhile... they destroy it from within, for fear that someone else will take the "glory" away from their imagined self importance.

There is a way to run such an organization. INSTEAD of self dealing, greed, fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer dollars, abuse of "power," abuse of "authority," simply REWARD those in the organization with praise and recognition that they are of value to the organization, and not simply a stepping stone to be cast away when their efforts begin to overshadow your vision of self importance.

The Scumbaggery of the Criminal Air Patrol is not going to change at the CrAP level, it is not going to change at the BoG level, and it is not going to change at the level of CAP-USAF, who avoids dealing with the problem that CrAP has become in every imaginable way.

It was suggested almost ten years ago... CAP-SAC, a Civil Air Patrol - Strike Against Corruption.

The General Membership would have had the organization evolved within six months... yet, the General Membership did... nothing.

Since that time, the Civil Air Patrol has lost so many quality people... and they won't be coming back. At this point, while there are the select few who remain, the majority of the General Membership appears to be full of drooling retards... to stay within the realm of being politically correct, of course.

Here's the scoop... if you keep doing the same thing, and it isn't working, you are... a drooling retard.

Shake it off, pull your head out of your ass, and TAKE BACK the Civil Air Patrol... at this point, the ONLY chance for any sort of EVOLUTION is REVOLUTION.

If the General Membership of the Criminal Air Patrol continues to sit on their hands, and drool about the next uniform item, well folks... you have become the very thing you hate... good job, and good luck with that!

Rex Glasgow:

by Ray Hayden:

I never knew Rex Glasgow, never met him, never had any direct communication with the man, but I respect him, and his efforts in the attempt to save the Civil Air Patrol from itself, and to make the program better for all members.

He was one of the few remaining folks in the program who I would have hoped came into positions of actual leadership and migrate the organization away from what it has become.

There are a number of published pieces from Gen Glasgow. I can confirm that what he wrote was the truth, and it is worth reading into. You can find the articles in a variety of searches on Google.

There are a number of people who had been axed by "He who shall not be mentioned," but it is far worse than you realize. While the BoG improperly terminated TP, [there had been a plethora of solid complaints by which they could have done so!] the methods and practices of the TP minions remains - not just firmly in place, but evolved! - to this day.

The current level of Scumbaggery actually began under the "leadership" of someone named Richard Anderson - you may have seen the name. At that point in time, the process of placing "yes men (and women)" in positions of "authority" grew in scope to ensure the complete and total corruption of the organization from within.

TP made his own stronghold of contributions, but Amelia S. "Amy" Courter is the grand prize winner for truly destroying any shot at CAP surviving. In fact, it is her special brand of corruption, many times worse than TP's, which is running the organization today.

We [myself in consultation with additional sources] predict the continued fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer dollars, abuse of "authority," abuse of "power," and deepening corruption until such time that the SecAF, the Pentagon, or Congress pulls their heads out from their own arses, and wakes the hell up.

Here is the real issue, all of the guilty parties further up stream KNOW what is going on - hell, they've been reading CAP Insights for years (I will not say which offices, just generally), but the point is, THEY KNOW already. But the issue is that no one wants to clean up the mess - and, at this point, the mess actually occurred before the folks in place now got there!

I get that, I really do, but the mess is a mess, and it needs to be cleaned up. The BoG should be holding themselves accountable for it, and they should take the steps needed to enforce change... yet they do not. Well, it is a new BoG, and we will see if they do anything.

Read up about Rex Glasgow... the man took one hell of a hit for CAP, and he should be respected for that, he was the second highest placed person to fall to the TP axe. Wheless, when he was National Commander, was the highest to be axed by TP.

Opportunity Lost:

by Ray Hayden:


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. These are the sorts of subjects that the Civil Air Patrol ought to be ripe for undertaking.

I have witnessed a number of potential projects get brought up, discussed, and then die a lonely death in CAP. I never got to advance a program I was working on - developing a program for cadets whereby they could actually fly missions in and out of any airport - like the ones they live near! - and also operate as Air Traffic Controllers and civil aviation pilots.

This sort of program could still be established today, yet I have never seen anyone even attempt to make use of it, never even tried.

The missions could have been coastal, river, winter patrols, could have been practice for any sort of mission that could ever come up - even interception missions where cadets could have practiced formation flying in F-16's or such, and "finding" the CAP plane for practice... nothing ever happened.

Moreover, futuristic plans and operations could have been established in which cadets and senior members could both benefit from in learning about energy, battery technology, generation, distribution, collection, and storage... along with all of the infrastructure, maintenance and other issues that revolve around the entire thing... there is a lot that could have been done.

Amelia S. "Amy" Courter spoke high praises for STEM, yet, she did absolutely NOTHING to make it happen, and here CAP is, two National Commanders beyond Courter... and NOTHING has happened.

While the Civil Air Patrol has continued to lose missions, terminate, and shut down, the very quality people who had the motivation, dedication, and determination to make things possible - the organization itself continues to shoot themselves in the foot - while killing the organization for their own petty greed.

I, and those who discuss issues with me, collectively "we," have heard absolutely zero in terms of what anyone at the top of the organization is planning on doing to move the organization forward. All we hear are the same old tired stories of who the Civil Air Patrol "leaders" are screwing over now.

If Amelia S. "Amy" Courter, or any of her successors, had done taken advantage of the limited window of opportunity to implement any plans for moving CAP into the future, they lost it.

And with that, you are left with drooling morons who are trying to pad their resumes with titles and positions that mean nothing, because of the damage they continue to do... all for vanity, personal benefit, or flat out greed.

Good job!

Duty of Care / Duty of Loyalty:

by Ray Hayden:

In the legal subject of Business Associations, and specifically Corporations (you know, like CAP, Inc.!), there are certain ideas that you ought to be familiar with.

There is a Board of Directors to oversee the Corporation. There are Officers who are appointed by the Board of Directors, who are in place to carry out the goals and objectives of the Corporation.

Each of these folks, Directors and Officers, have several duties, one of which is the Duty of Care.

Duty of Care:

To act as a reasonably prudent person would under the same or similar circumstances.

Under the Duty of Care, there is the Business Judgment Rule:

Presumption to manage the corporation in good faith, in the best interests of the Corporation, and its shareholders.

To act in other than good faith and fair dealing in regard to the day to day, week to week, month to month, or year to year operation of the corporation, or failure to act in such a way that a reasonably prudent person would act under the same or similar circumstances is - by default - a violation of the Duty of Care, and against the Business Judgment Rule.

Duty of Loyalty

A director or Officer has a conflict of interest when they profiteer.

This is my definition because I need it to be very clear. The ways in which a director or officer might profiteer is by Self Dealing, Usurping Corporate Opportunities, or Competing against the Corporation. Each of these has an "out."

In the realm of the Civil Air Patrol, the "out" looks very bad for the United States Air Force - because the "out" is the pretty much the approval and blessing of the United States Air Force, the Department of Defense, and Congress.

Thus, when the Directors and Officers of the Civil Air Patrol act the way they do - they make the Air Force, the Secretary of the Air Force, the Pentagon, Congress, and - ultimately, the President of the United States... look very ignorant, inept, or stupid.

Here is the point - the Civil Air Patrol is no great secret - even the unbridled corruption, abuse, fraud, and bad faith and unfair dealings are no secret. Thus, by default, the United States Air Force - who has oversight - and certainly Congress, who "owns" the Corporation, CAP, Inc., and the Secretary of the United States Air Force must be condoning the improper, bad faith behavior of the upper echelons of the organization.

Of course, by default, this means they are all implicated as being either ignorant, inept, or stupid.

Gloyd and Courter are known entities - several staff members at National HQ are also known entities - actually profiteering in bad faith and bad dealings with the organization, and Congress.

Where does this leave the rest of the corruption down stream? We'll address that in another posting... gee, they can hardly wait!

Intimidation, Isolation, Time:

by Ray Hayden:

OK, I feel it is partly my fault for not blurting out the painfully obvious, so let me toss out some more painfully obvious transparency your way.

This one is going to stun you, sorry about that.

When the scum who fester into high positions want to rid CAP of someone, they follow a well known, but rarely discussed plan.

The party to be gotten rid of is Intimidated by those further up the food chain, maybe laterally and a step up - as in not a direct chain of command thing. The party is pressured and mentally abused, passed over, left on the sidelines. If the member breaks or not is irrelevant, the goal is to get them to quit and walk away. If they do not, they are placed under some sort of investigation, and - eventually given a 2b.


Once the original investigation hits the party to be gotten rid of, they are instantly isolated. No one is allowed to talk about them in CAP, and they are not allowed to contact anyone in CAP - pretty effective, eh what?!? Pineda loved it when he was hit with his own game - oops!


The person was already intimidated and isolated... now, they just wait. In time, more often than not, the party quits and walks away... or they just walk away - either way, those who started this ball rolling, win.
That process, by the way, DOES go all the way up to National HQ and PAID employees - just ask Suze Parker, just sayin'

Now, and this is the stunner, YOU may very well be part of the problem, and you are completely clueless to that fact. Painfully, it makes you look stupid, and once I reveal this secret, you should feel stupid too - suck it up cupcake, life's a bitch.

"Disgruntled Former Member."

Sound familiar? Have you ever said it in relation to anyone who used to be in CAP? Did you ever say it to another person, in relation to a former member of CAP? Did you ever hear someone else describe someone as a Disgruntled Former Member, and repeat it to yet another person? Worse, did you publish your stupidity online for all to see?

If you cause emotional, reputation, or financial damages to the party for who you are saying that about, you could be held liable for slander, defamation, or maybe even slander per se. See, it relates back to the person who started it, but the person who passes it along can also be held JUST AS ACCOUNTABLE (liable).

Don't think so? Well, I guess you might not study law then, do you? I'll let you in on another secret...

The bastards who are screwing you over? They count on that fact! They count on the very fact that you are clueless as to the very rules, regulations, federal, and local laws, and how they apply to you and your membership.

Fuck it, I am on a roll here... one more super duper secret... and you will love this one!

More than your ignorance, they count on you not having any money to fight a case! See, THEY do have money... hell, they have YOUR money. They also have staff attorneys - though one got himself fired... nice!

Still, the rule of the game is to out finance your case. If you don't have money to fight it, you have to ask yourself if the MORAL victory is worth the fight... most of the time, with CAP??? It is not!!!

And they LIVE for the fact that you don't have the money, time, or balls to follow through on a suit that is not going to give you ANY money in the end... and now you know!

Vision, Direction, Focus, Mission:

By Ray Hayden:

I wrote this years ago... nothing has changed. What the organization requires is:
Solid Direction (they still don't have that),

Clear Focus (without direction, there can be no focus) and,

A New Mission (because the missions of old are long dead and gone - done far more effectively by personnel who are - frankly - better suited to get the job done).
You cannot have a mission without clear focus coming from solid direction.

All of this stems from the same problem, Lack of Vision.

Currently, the Civil Air Patrol has no Vision, no Direction, no Focus, no Mission... no purpose.

Recruiting and Retention - Exit Surveys:

CAPNHQ reportedly has a return rate of exit surveys of 6% to 14% from members who decided to leave the organization.

The majority of those folks (Seniors) had been in CAP for 1 to 4 years and rose to the high rank of 2Lt. Most never got to complete Level II of the Senior Member Training Program.

The reasons why they left range from, lack of professionalism - including GOBN's and politics, little to zero opportunity to fly - after being told there would be when they joined, Poor leadership (if any leadership), and a disconnect between higher levels and the units. Lack of training opportunities and the large amount of paperwork had also been cited.

The very first thing is that CAPNHQ can't even get people to answer the exit survey - that pretty much seals the deal as to why they can't keep people in the first place.

If the Civil Air Patrol was such a worth while organization, the senior program would be full of long time LtC's, but it is not.

The general membership has suffered through a series of truly horrible changes in "leadership."

At this point, that is never going to change. Unless the Civil Air Patrol can sustain themselves as a valuable organization for the membership, they won't have to worry about covering any missions for anyone.

Other than taking pictures, CAP doesn't really have any mission anyway, and a small drone - or a series of them - can take much better pictures, for a lot less money - and with pin point accuracy... if Google Earth did not already do it for them.