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Vinny (Vinny Boy)

Vinny passed away late in the evening of 20 September 2010.

That morning, he had been in his big bed, it has soft sides, but they are high (it is a dog bed), and Vinny had lost the ability to climb into it before Ray began feeding Vinny Nutri-Cal, which Gave Vinny the energy to do all the wonderful things he could do (including walking and jumping up on a couch) in his last few days. Vinny looked up at Ray and made a funny meow, then went on purring in his funny way.

Ray brought Vinny out to play with the other cats all day long, and Vinny, though tired, enjoyed being with his friends.

Late in the evening, Vinny had got off his sleeping mat to urinate (actually a very good sign), but he had been showing signs of giving up all day during feeding times. Ray had switched from attempted feedings to keeping Vinny moist and hydrated so he could be comfortable.

Ray gave Vinny a sponge bath, which Vinny just loved as he snuggled Ray's hand and the wash cloth. After his bath, Ray placed Vinny back on his sleeping mat near Ray's feet as he went back to working on the computer. A short while later, Vinny got up to walk over to a little rug in front of the door (which must have reminded him of his bed as it had the same texture). Ray heard Vinny move and helped Vinny get himself comfortable.

Ray decided to lay with Vinny and snuggle him while Vinny was still awake (Vinny was napping much of the day, and seemed as though he would be going back to sleep soon). As Vinny was getting himself all snug and cozy, he took an odd breath. Ray immediately retrieved a syringe with an oral dose of pain medication for Vinny (he did not appear to be in any pain, but Ray wasn't going to let Vinny experience any if at all possible either). Ray gave Vinny the liquid dose and Vinny made himself cozy, snuggling with Ray.

After a few minutes, Vinny began to "do the kitten" thing with his paws, so Ray gave Vinny his hand so that Vinny could feel like he was snuggling up in his favorite sleeping area.

Vinny "did the kitten" for a while as he silently went to sleep. After a few more minutes, Vinny relaxed even more so, and after a few more minutes, Vinny became totally relaxed as he passed away peacefully in Ray's arms.

Ray placed Vinny gently on his shoulder and laid down on the couch to snuggle and pet this beautiful kitty for a long time into the next morning. Vinny was a very good friend and a wonderful cat. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he was given a very short time frame in which to live. Had his owner put Vinny to sleep at that time, Vinny would have gone from being poked and prodded to stabbed with a needle and passing away (though peacefully with the medication), he would have done so with a very sad owner at his side.

As it worked out, Vinny was able to return home, actually regain strength and energy to the point where he could see his previous owners, and say his goodbyes to everyone as they petted him and loved him. Vinny had the opportunity to hang out with a lot of other kitties that just treated him with love and respect until Vinny chose when the time was right for him to move on. He did so "doing the kitten" while being loved and petted as he quietly slipped away.

God speed Vinny Boy, we hope to one day meet with your beautiful soul again...