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Bun Bun


Bunny is... a rabbit. (Bun Bun)

Picture will show up here as soon.

Bunny came to us in a weird way too.

I had been wrapping up some work for the day, and my wife was on the way home to pick me up so we could run an errand and grab a bite to eat.

As I was walking past our living room window, something caught my eye in the back yard. Looking at this little orange / brown ball of fluff, I realized it was a rabbit.

I figured it was interesting to see, I also knew that it would not be long for this world with the large hawk that hunts around here. I've seen her flying with huge fish and the like, this rabbit would be a snack.

It was possible that it was a wild rabbit, but the ones that live around here normally live at the local airports, are huge and grey / brown. Still... I decided to see if it would hop away, or if it was someone's pet that got out.

I approached the little rabbit and he just sat there looking at me. I got closer, he didn't seem the least bit afraid. My wife came home during this period and we decided to see if we could locate the owner. We took Bunny in the house and gave him his own private suite for protection from our cats.

The short story is that no one claimed the rabbit and no one seemed to want it. We presumed that someone got the rabbit around Easter and then decided that a cute little rabbit was too much trouble.

We never wanted a rabbit, never thought that it would be a good idea to have one... yet, he is litter trained and has a wonderful personality. He is quiet and incredibly neat and clean - who knew?

Originally called "Little Bunny Big Head," I should post that picture... we just call him Bunny. We spend time with him every day, keep him clean and safe.

A few years ago, a tiny turtle was being attacked by a crow in my front yard. I chased the crow away, he'll be fine, and I took the turtle inside to see if he was OK. He was, and when my wife came home we took Tommy Turtle (of course we named him, I have pictures of him somewhere too) and placed him in the lake behind our house.

Perhaps Tommy Turtle saw Bunny and clued him in on the home for lost animals.

Maybe Bunny just "knew" where to go. Bunny is safe with us... and he is a wonderful little soul, full of personality and a delight to have in our home.